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Sitsirya Franchise continues to grow across the Philippines

Bringing home “pasalubong” to loved ones is ingrained in the Filipino culture. The favorite gifts we receive from visiting or arriving family and friends are bags of sweets, preserves, and knick knacks nice to munch on which we call “sitsirya” in the vernacular.

Ofrace and Era Ocampo chose this most appropriate name for their retail store which is now a fixture in major malls. It sells high quality and delicious pasalubong products, all at reasonable prices and attractive packaging. What is uniquely outstanding is that the products showcase the best of what the Philippine provinces can offer. Sitsirya, therefore, become distribution channels of the local produce of various localities in the country. Examples of their mouth watering offerings are the Special Casuy Palawan, Bulacan Pastillas de Leche and Yema, Camarines Norte Pili Tart, Liliw Laguna Pilipit, Bacolod Mamon Tostado, Cebu Otap and Rosquillos, Pampanga Assorted Pulvoron, Turrones de Casuy and Cashew Marzipan, Baguio Premium Lengua de Gato, Pangasinan Burong Mangga, or Bacolod Piaya and Butterscotch. Nice to give as gifts are the healthy Mindanao Coco Sugar, Garlic Chips, Kablon Farms Tablea, and Wild Honey. Virtually, they carry the best Philippine pasalubong items under one roof.

Ofrace Ocampo says “the young ones today are more familiar with the fast food lifestyle. Nostalgia aside, there is wisdom in having our little ones enjoy authentic Filipino sweets, delicacies, and pasalubong treats. Our standard store greeting is “Pasalubong kay Bunso!” (“Bunso” is a term of endearment for our loved ones ,  young or old). Through our authentic Pinoy pasalubong store, “we serve memories”.  There are already 15 Sitsirya kiosks all over Metro Manila.

Since 2001, Sitsirya (Sari-Sari) has been keeping up the tradition by bringing the best pasalubong our islands have to offer. Now that it is open for franchising, they make sure that franchisees enjoy the S3 advantages which are “Sweet Memories” we impart to loved ones when we bring them Sitsirya sweet delights; “Simple Business Model” that is easy to understand and operate, that is coupled with continuing advice and support , with an Operations Manual and training; and finally, the “Seal of Branding Excellence” being the recipient of the “Certified Gold Award.”  Have a taste of the sweet life through a Sitsirya franchise.

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