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Things You Didn’t Know about Samie Lim, the “Father of Philippine Franchising”

Written by
Sam Christopher Lim
SVP for Marketing and Strategy, Francorp Philippines

photo-2As we celebrate Father’s Day today, allow me to write something in honor of my father, also the “Father of Philippine franchising” himself, Mr. Samson “Samie” Lim.

As a father, he continuously inspires me and my siblings to strive for excellence in our every endeavor. As a “father” to the local franchising industry, he also continuously inspires thousands of homegrown entrepreneurs to aim higher and push their brands to the global stage via franchising.

Here are some things you probably did not know about my father, the “Father of Philippine franchising”:

1. He is also the “father” of Mother’s Day in the Philippines.

Did you know that my father popularized Mother’s Day celebrations in the country? Back in the day, Mother’s Day treats (and even Father’s Day treats) were not yet common, and were usually left in the hands of greeting card companies and flower shops. But as one of the founders of both the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) and the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), my father pushed its members—which includes brands like Jollibee, Goldilocks, and Max’s Fried Chicken, just to name a few—to offer special Mother’s Day treats to their customers. “My greatest joy is the fact that I have made a difference in the life of millions of Filipino families with the annual celebration of Mother’s Day,” he says.

2. He didn’t know anything about franchising when he started.

Coming from a family of appliance and furniture retailers, my father already knew his way around business. However, he admits to not knowing much about franchising when he started in the industry 20 years ago. “Everything I learned about franchising, I learned from someone else,” he recalls. In order to learn more about franchising, and to also bring international franchising standards to the country, my father brought in the franchise of world-class franchise consultancy firm Francorp.


3. He is both a franchisor and a franchisee.

My father, needless to say, practices what he preaches as he is a franchisor and a franchisee in his own right. Aside from owning home appliances store Automatic Center and lifestyle furniture store Blims Lifestyle Group, my father is also a franchisor of the world-famous living room essentials store La-Z-Boy Gallery. He is also the master franchise holder in Asia of the Canadian Tourism and Hospitality Institute and, more recently, he also became a franchisee of French furniture brand Gautier.


4. He has a talent for uniting people.

As a retailer, my father already knew that business was his forte. Later on, he realized that he also had a talent for bringing people together. He believes that there is strength in numbers, so he used this talent of his to build business organizations in different industries. He started in his turf, in the appliance and furniture industry. Then, he moved to unite different retailers in the country, giving birth to the PRA, which later on gave birth to the PFA. Now, he is focused on uniting the tourism industry and the private education sector.

5. He once served as Trade undersecretary.

My father’s expertise and influence in the business sector did not go unnoticed. In 1999, my father had the honor to serve as the Undersecretary of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). During his term, he also became the general manager of the National Development Company, the government’s premier investment arm under the DTI. To this day, he still considers it as one of his greatest accomplishments, alongside the privilege of serving as president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) in 2007.

vice-president6. He wanted to become Vice President of the Philippines.

My father has always been a visionary. In 1975, when he was just 25 years old, he already had great plans on how to build the nation and its industries. Back then, he wanted to enter the political scene and eyed a public office—the vice presidency. “However, the declaration of Martial Law crushed my dream, so I moved to Plan B,” he recalls. His Plan B was to unite different industries through strong business organizations, which he believes can help build the nation together.

7. He was born at home, with the aid of a midwife.

Being one of the country’s most successful retailers, one would think that my father has always had it easy. But did you know that he was born at home, with the aid of a kumadrona (midwife), into a middle-class family in Tondo, Manila right after the war? But his family has always been entrepreneurial, a trait which he obviously inherited—as a kid, my father was already selling batteries to his neighbors. Then, he was granted a scholarship in the Ateneo de Manila University, where he graduated cum laude. And the rest, as they say, is history.

All his life, my father lived by this motto: “to be the greatest service to the greatest number of people.” Today, I can proudly say that my father is living his dream, as he is also “father” to an industry that empowered thousands of entrepreneurs, and currently employs 1.2 million Filipinos across 130,000 outlets all over the country.

To all the fathers out there, may you all have a Happy Father’s Day!

For more information on franchising, contact Francorp Philippines at (02) 638-3149, email info[at], or visit

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How franchising can help you reach 100 outlets for your business

Franchising has become a favorite expansion model for starting and established entrepreneurs.
By Sam Christopher Lim


When we used to ask entrepreneurs how many outlets they dream to have, they used to say 20, maybe even 50 if they were dreaming big.

But the next generation of entrepreneurs start to realize that 100 outlets, or even 1,000 is within their reach because of franchising. As the market continues to develop and mature over the past 20 years, franchising has become a favorite expansion model for entrepreneurs small and big alike.

The Philippines is one of the most developed Asian markets when it comes to franchising, allowing entrepreneurs who franchise their business to achieve an average of 100 outlets. This is in sharp contrast to Thailand, with only 32 outlets per franchise brand, and Indonesia at 80.

What is it about franchising that allows entrepreneurs to dream big and achieve hundreds of stores?

1. Using other people’s time, money, and people to grow your business
No matter how big your business is or deep your pockets are, every business still always lacks one of these crucial elements. Capital is always an initial issue, but even companies that have access to financing and loans are limited by their growth due to lack of time to focus on expansion or good people to drive the growth and manage outlets in faraway areas.

Great entrepreneurs know that getting the right people is crucial to your growth, and franchising gives you access to other entrepreneurs like you who would stay up all night to solve issues, and would not mind giving up a weekend to make sure issues are fixed. Unlike salaried employees, a franchisee’s success is based on business success, so they have every incentive to make sure the business runs well. It also frees up your time as you take less operational responsibilities and you can then focus on business development, innovation, and brand growth.

In addition, franchising allows you access to capital through franchise fees, royalties, and most importantly the investment that the franchisee makes to open your business. This gives you almost unlimited capital to continue opening new locations in new areas, whether in the Philippines or internationally.

2. Systems. Systems. Systems.
Franchising is all about replicating the success of a business. So when a company decides to franchise, it forces the company to shape up and prepare their systems to be franchised.

Whether done internally or through franchise consultants, it is crucial to have documented systems before you start selling the franchise. From evaluating and preparing the financial statements, to documenting every process in the business and preparing franchise legal agreements, franchising allows you to relook at the business and improve it as you prepare to franchise. We have seen many mom and pop operations dramatically upgrade their operations in a span of six months because of the company’s shared vision of franchising.

3. Franchise support infrastructure.
Filipino entrepreneurs are lucky in that there are strong support infrastructures in the Philippines to help continue building the franchise industry.

The Philippines, for example, has the highest number of Certified Franchise Executives (CFE) outside the US. The CFE is a mark of excellence in the franchise industry and is an accreditation given only to those who have passed through the rigorous CFE education system.

Banks, such as BPI Ka Negosyo, also extend franchise loans both to companies who want to franchise their business, but also to those franchisees wanting to own a franchise.

We also have the Philippine Franchise Association, a key members of the World Franchise Council, that continually brings in best practices internationally and helps grow, regulate, and develop the franchise industry.

Franchising continues to allow the next generation of entrepreneurs to grow exponentially. With over 1,600 brands franchising in the Philippines, the sector continues to expand from food, retail, service, education, and other industries. And with more entrepreneur expanding through franchising, the Philippines continues to be the franchising hub of Asia.

The search is on for the NxtGen in Franchising Award winner. The Philippine Franchise Association is searching entrepreneurs 18 to 35 years old with an ambition to grow their business through franchising and have the potential to be the NxtGen Franchise Leader. Deadline is on Friday, May 20. For more details, contact (+632) 687-03 65 to 67; (+63917) 832-0732; or visit

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Imagine earthly mixes of comfort, aroma, and exciting flavours rolled into one; a place where you can nourish and delight your senses, a place to connect, and a place where zen and happiness are served in one cup—discover Caffe La Tea!

Caffe La Tea is a fast-rising coffee and milk tea company from the progressive City of Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. Established in 2012 as a homey cafe where people gather, dine, and unwind, it has already grown to be a household name in its hometown–synonymous to good food and good times.

With interiors inspired by the dark, rich color of coffee, balanced by the soft touch of cream and the calming touch of the teal and lime-apple green freshness and vibrancy of teas, Caffe La Tea has finally brought to life a new place where people can enjoy coffee and teas.  Their most famous milk tea line is brewed in-store, using only the finest ingredients from Taiwan, the birthplace of milk tea. Coffee is crafted from a tasteful mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, from foreign and local origins. This is complemented with tasty everyday staples like Pork Sinigang and Sizzling Sisig, to the more refined Pasta Espanola and Creamy Chicken Pesto.

At Caffe La Tea, all senses are waiting to be satisfied. Quench your thirst for good authentic Taiwanese tea, or delight your stomach with a sumptuous meal, reward your sense of smell with the aroma of a perfect brew, or merely please your eyes with the homey yet calming ambience—indeed, Caffe La Tea is a perfect place to relax. It takes pride in their tradition of the best gathering venue, and continuous innovation to bring fresh and refreshing products to customers,  all amidst classy, retro-modern interiors, inviting lounges, and hospitable staff, truly “Zen and Happiness in One Cup”.

In just three years, this admired Cabanatuan café slowly become a trademark, where people come home to. Today, the perfect brew of zen and and happiness is served in five more branches in Central Luzon.

Their vision to bring zen and happiness to everyone – family, friends, officemates, classmates, food or sports enthusiasts, geeks, photography junkies, pet lovers, travellers or whatever group , has spilled over to more people via new outlets where Caffe La Tea is now finally giving away more cups of happiness through franchising.

Want your own the perfect brew for that cup of success? Franchise inquiries are entertained at

Proudly developed by Francorp Philippines & its team of Franchise Consultants and Certified Franchise Executives. To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, contact a Francorp franchise consultant or take a free franchisability quiz.

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Beauty and Success Beyond Measure

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say, and in today’s society, looking good is often equal to feeling good. But often, one must shell out great amounts of money to pay for the services of high-class salons, slimming centers, and beauty clinics just to get the greatly desired “perfect combination” of style, looks, and body. Or at least, this used to be the norm, until one skin center decided to go beyond.

Enter Beauty and Beyond Facial and Slimming. The brainchild of Ms. Jennifer Weigel Sarmiento, Beauty and Beyond was launched in 2012 in Cebu as the answer to the need for high-quality, professional beauty and body sculpting services that would not cost an arm and a leg. Ms. Sarmiento believes that beauty is a universal aspiration, something that not only the elite rich, but even the middle and lower class desire and more than willing to pay for – a need that Beauty and Beyond intends to fulfill.

Franchise Consultant Philippines | Franchise Success Stories | How to Create a Franchise Business | How to Franchise in the Philippines

To that end, Beauty and Beyond offers an array of face, body, and other services that are intended to match and even surpass those offered by the high-priced salons and slimming centers, at only a fraction of their cost. They offer several types of facials, eyelash extensions, and diamond peels for both face and body. In addition, Beauty and Beyond offers additional services that one would not normally find in a salon such as body sculpting, laser treatments, and massage services, including the popular ventosa or “fire-cupping” service that will soothe and relax tired muscles. Beauty and Beyond is unique in this sense: that it aims to provide clients with a full service experience, ensuring that the client leaves Beauty and Beyond not only looking good, but feeling good as well.

With all these varied treatments and services being offered at significantly cheaper rates all conveniently located at one welcoming place, it should come as no surprise that Beauty and Beyond’s outlet located in Banilad, Cebu City is often packed with customers. From debutantes looking to beautify themselves for their sweet sixteen, to young professionals wanting to spend a little money for some personal pampering, to mothers and even fathers seeking an economic way to relax after a long, hard work week, Beauty and Beyond receives customers from all ends of the socio-economic spectrum.

With the success of its first outlet, Beauty and Beyond continues to stand fast to its vision of aiming to become one of the dominant competitive players in the beauty and personal care industry while at the same time changing the perspective that being beautiful means spending big. With plans to expand throughout Metro Cebu and then the Philippines through the power of franchising, Beauty and Beyond’s mission of providing an excellent beauty experience at reasonable rates to everyone is undoubtedly well on its way to soon becoming accomplished. It will only be a matter of time before the new household name for aesthetic services will be Beauty and Beyond Facial and Slimming, where anyone can become beautiful beyond measure!

For franchise inquiries, please contact Ms. Jennifer Weigel Sarmiento at or call them at 236-7432.

Proudly developed by Francorp Philippines & its team of Franchise Consultants and Certified Franchise Executives. To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, contact a Francorp franchise consultant or take a free franchisability quiz.

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Remember the good ole days when the neighbourhood barber shop was the go-to place not just for a haircut, shave, or massage, but also to catch up on the latest news in the area?

THE  GOOD  BARBER (TGB) Shop  relives those  days  and  lives  up  to  its  name.  It is a welcome addition to the personal care and grooming industry because customers are treated to value-for-money services amidst a warm and friendly environment. With interiors designed ala Old Manila and barbers who can be friends, confidantes, and trusted service providers, TGB delivers best quality and premium services at awesome prices. For clients’ added comfort, there is a well-stocked mini library, nice piped-in retro music, and a complete line of head to toe pampering for men.

As part of their corporate social responsibility, TGB patronizes local products and create jobs in the communities where they are present. The shop also uses 100% LED lighting and bio-degradable materials and products.

Because of the clamor of satisfied clients and the good word of mouth about the shop from faithful regulars, TGB is now embarking on franchising to spread its feel-good services all over key locations in Metro Manila and beyond!A TGB franchise is particularly exciting because it taps into a niche market that is traditionally steady and loyal. The business model is unique because customers are offered opportunities to mix and match the services that they will avail of, at comfortable price ranges. The differentiation stems from the enhanced visual and auditory experience clients enjoy when they enter a The Good Barber Shop. And when they leave, the customary greeting “Mabuhay ang Bagong Gupit!” gives them a fine feeling of wanting to come back for another pleasant grooming experience.

Interested franchise partners can email:

The Good Barber Franchise is proudly developed by Francorp Philippines & its team of Franchise Consultants and Certified Franchise Executives. To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, contact us or take a free franchisability quiz

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Export the whole store, not just the products

Franchising as a tool to bring homegrown brands to mainstream markets 

By Sherill Quintana, President, Oryspa

Fifteen years ago, I was making candles and practicing aromatherapy. I wanted to stay home for my firstborn while earning my keeps. I didn’t know that those simple chores made me into an accidental entrepreneur.

I never planned to be an entrepreneur. In fact, I was looking forward to going back to development work when my baby can already be partly taken cared of by a nanny. But, I wasn’t able to find an available nanny. So with the help of a sturdy baby car seat, I brought my son with me to bazaars in Ateneo and Miriam College. Then and there, I realized that entrepreneurship is a good fit for mommies.

After 10 years and three more children, the business still had no projections and not much of a system. It had its ups and downs. I ran it like my household. Later on, I learned that most micro entrepreneurs like me were losing opportunities to build an empire and touch more lives by missing the business systems in place.

For several years, we were supplying different spas in the country using virgin coconut oil, grape seed, almond oils as carrier oils. However, without a differentiating factor, my products tended to drown during price wars.

Franchise Consultant Philippines | Franchise Success Stories | How to Create a Franchise Business | How to Franchise in the Philippines

In 2008, during one of the mandatory product development sessions with the Department of Trade and Industry, I stumbled upon rice bran. Locally known as “darak,” rice bran is a byproduct of rice production, which is usually fed to hogs. Aside from the high nutrition content of its oil, it has a high smoke point and is highly absorbed by the skin. I already knew then that producing spa products would be a breeze in using rice bran.

Our story is filled with strings of failures and short successes. I was inspired by the fast failure theory in design engineering –the faster you fail, the better chances you have of getting nearer to success. From this theory, ORYSPA (Oryza sativa or rice for the spa like “food for the soul”) was born.

Initially intended to produce spa products, we expanded to personal care. Knowing we are the only rice bran based spa products in the country, we had to expand it quite dramatically to propel the brand and ward off copycats. The first ORYSPA store in 2010 was an instant success that gave us a full ROI in eight months. This paved the way for the much needed confidence and faith by a micro entrepreneur like me back then.

I knew that the business had a good proposition, so I had to plan out and be able to see high volume production, store operations, expansions, branding, systems integration and –later on–franchising. These were concepts that were mostly alien to a micro entrepreneur.

Other businesses in our industry chose direct selling and distribution as a way to expand. ORYSPA chose franchising. How will you be able to sell through franchising? You can ask help from the experts. Be a learner but stand proud of your own knowledge.

I had to make an overhaul, a review of what I had been doing for the past years and why my business style won’t work with current “concept discovery.” So I had to come up with strategies for a business restart.

I reviewed client feedback and listened to consumer pulse regarding which products are in need. Studies show that there is an increasing consciousness about the carcinogenic or cancerous effect of chemical-laden topical products and that alternative organic products prove to be more in demand in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. ORYSPA focused on offering products to address this.

In theory, when you start a business, you have to study what the customers want. This wasn’t the case for our business. We decided to create our market when there seemed to be none. Based on my own needs –a working mother of four who is busy all the time but wants to be pampered in a spa, I discovered that there a lot of other mothers who are in the same predicament. We can somehow induce the market. ORYSPA’s tagline “bringing the spa products into your homes” was created.

As the entrepreneur, you have to create your brand’s DNA and be its own ambassador. Hence, an overhaul of oneself is needed. A myopic leader has no place in building the brand because an entrepreneur has to see what lies beyond him/her. As the cliché goes, “you cannot give what you don’t have.” Take your business, your concept very personally. Stash it inside your heart and let it occupy your mind and your dreams.

I remember Francorp and A.S. Louken’s brand building workshops that I attended. There were only eight participating companies. I knew I was surrounded by established and mainstream brands. But, the founders were emotional in defending their concepts. In fact, some even cried. Developing the vision and mission of your business is a personal exercise as an entrepreneur. This is how you create your brand DNA. No one will be able to exactly copy your concept because it was born from your being. Your business should be a reflection of yourself. The more you truly know your core, the stronger your business concept will be.

The business concept goes into fruition by building a support system. In our case, we started to first hire people for roles I was not able to fulfill. Delegation followed.

When I create a new product concept, the guiding premise is that no one should have already done it exactly as I am imagining it. If there is a norm, challenge yourself to imagine the opposite. In business, it pays to be deviant.

In one of those branding sessions, I was advised to remove the word “Filipino brand” from my vision because the Philippines is not well known for health and wellness products. However, I deem that during the initial brand building process, it’s like I am building a house with one post missing because my motivation lies in being known as a Filipino brand.” We retained “Filipino” in our vision. And we will just evolve as we go along. Changing the culture of your business changes your game.

Franchising as a tool for expansion paved the way for an SME (small/medium entrepreneur) like us. By selling your concept and the whole store, you not only make use of the funds available from franchisees but you also build a team of people ready to propel the brand and realize the vision with you. Make the business also profitable for them and avoid making the relationship self-serving. When you make it profitable for your franchisees, you create a web of people ready to protect your own brand’s interests.

With the ASEAN integration affecting the business landscape, franchising can pave the way for an SME. Our ASEAN neighbors are reviewing the Philippine market potential, experimenting on concepts and bringing their homegrown brands into our country. This means that we can do the same.  It is mandatory for us to level up and compete. Let us show our government and country that to be able to have a strong base of entrepreneurs, we need to be able to build homegrown brands wherein production and employment provision creates wealth locally.

Export the whole store, the whole concept instead of the products alone. This is how we strengthen our Filipino brand in the international playing field.

Proudly developed by Francorp Philippines & its team of Franchise Consultants and Certified Franchise Executives. To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, contact a Francorp franchise consultant or take a free franchisability quiz.


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Slammin’ Mini Burgers + Fries + Dipsand Frittery: The Perfect Franchise Mix

Franchise Consultant Philippines | Franchise Success Stories | How to Create a Franchise Business | How to Franchise in the Philippines

Hamburgers and French fries are the perfect combination. The same is true when investing in franchises that offer compatible benefits.

Slammin’ Burgerswhich opened in 2013 was the brainchild ofhusband-and-wife team Patrick and MonetteDy, ayoung couple whose careers began in advertising and branding.  It was an offshoot of the then Slammer Burgers kiosk which first opened in 2004 at Glorietta 4 Food Choices. At that time, at the height of the popularity of fastfood chainsand at the onset of an emerging gourmet burger market, Patrick and Monette were looking into a business venture that could be at the crossroads of all these food evolutions. Thus, they positioned Slammer Burgers as a value-for-money gourmet mini-burger and Belgian Fries joint, the first of its kind in the Philippines.

With their background, it wasn’t hard for them to open a food business successfully. They grew to 12 branches and managed to educate the taste of Filipinos for the “American slider burgers” which was relatively a new thing back then. 12 outlets later as well as a decade of changing lifestyles, sophistication in food tastes, and the internet and mobile phone revolution, it was time for brand evolution. Enter a fresher, hipper, and younger slider burger concept – the Slammin’ Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips.

It takes quite getting used to especially since Filipinos are accustomed to the standard American big burger or those well-loved localburgers. But Slammin’Mini Burgers proved that not all burgers are created equal and size doesn’t matter. At Slammin’, the star of the house are SLIDERS –  double small hamburger patties served in small buns packed with gourmet flavors, premium quality 100% beef chuck, and fun fixins like Belgian fries served in cones andwaffle friesmatched with your favorite dips or toppings — all good for sharing at veryaffordable prices. Wide choices also set this burger joint apart. It offers “sidekick” combos of chicken wings, chicken nuggets, and fish n chips all with finger lickin’ goodness.

Today, Slammin’ ísin the hippest mainstream metro locations –Promenade Greenhills, Trinoma, Market! Market!, Ayala Terraces, Robinsons Magnolia, and more opening soon as it embarks on franchising. For a franchise fee of only P200,000inclusive of a P950,000 investment, you can own a dream business of an established all American burger joint!

And to make it more fun, the Slammin’, put in one more appetizing addition to the equation, by introducing yet another food innovation – FRITTERY – which specializes in 100% Imported Belgian Fries made from European Bintje potatoes. Fritteryfries are quite buzzed about for its premium superior taste especially when topped with signature gourmet dips and dash. It also offers the Brat, a 100% pure meat sausage sandwich that comes with unlimited choice toppings. FRITTERY’s first branch is located in Promenade Greenhills and to open soon near Trinoma Cinema.With a franchise fee of only P150,000 that is part of a P760k turnkey package, more FRITTERY branches will be also be seen all over the metro.

Young adults, students, teenagers, kids, families, barkadas, bloggers even, are all raving about Slammin’ Mini Burgers + Fries + Dipsand Frittery combined the quality food and service which keeps them coming back.The vision of this young company, run by young spirits, to be the No. 1 sliders burger brand in Asia, is a slammin’ victory that is waiting to happen.

Franchise inquiries are welcome at 0917-5199986

Proudly developed by Francorp Philippines & its team of Franchise Consultants and Certified Franchise Executives. To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, contact a Francorp franchise consultant or take a free franchisability quiz.


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Back in 1977, it was just a dainty confection made by Trinidad Teves Sagarbarria for family and friends who wanted something indulgent but had no time to make it themselves.  Sans Rival , the Filipinos to-die for  favorite dessert,  and the shop that bears its name has come a long way since.

The growth was slow and easy, like the acacias that line the boulevard of Dumaguete City, just steps  away from the  landmark  home of “Trining”  as she was fondly called.  Perhaps, that’s how institutions are made. In Dumaguete City, Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries is as much an institution as centenarians like Silliman University, St. Paul University, and the boulevard – obligatory stops for visitors, venerable sites for the locals.

Franchise Consultant Philippines | Franchise Success Stories | How to Create a Franchise Business | How to Franchise in the Philippines

With sans rival and silvanas – their house specialties  leading the way, SANS RIVAL CAKES AND PASTRIES has over the years  honed and   perfected their skills in churning delectable homebaked creations. It has stayed true to the founder’s vision of making excellence the cornerstone of their products, using only the best ingredients available for the best taste possible.  Thus, the attention and following it gets.

Today,  a family-owned company  with an expanded cakes and pastry line, a bistro at their ancestral home ,  an outlet at Robinsons Place Dumaguete,   and another forthcoming at Robinsons  Galleria Cebu,  SANS RIVAL CAKES AND PASTRIES  stands ready to take the next step forward….franchising.

The company  is  confident  that SANS RIVAL CAKES AND PASTRIES  has the credibility, track record,  and after thirty eight years , has built up great products  with a strong brand identity and recognition  that  have value in the eyes of the customer.

Meaning “without rival”, the word SANS RIVAL  has  become  what Trinidad Teves Sagarbarria  produced in her lifetime,  a truly unrivalled legacy  of  treasured cakes and  pastries .

Proudly developed by Francorp Philippines & its team of Franchise Consultants and Certified Franchise Executives. To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, join the How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.

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From the Food Basket of Mindanao to the World via Franchising

A simple request for good, clean food by the customers of a retail outlet in Bukidnon sparked the opening of a carinderia-style fast food that quickly established an enviable reputation for serving delicious, high quality, and affordable meals.

After six years of successful operations, in 2011, it was renamed as “Roy’s Bistro”. The new concept sought to embark on a mission to cater to the growing needs of families in the area seeking a comfortable venue where pleasant memories are created over plates of really good food. Having upgraded to a fast casual dining style, highlighted by a new and exciting menu, Roy’s Bistro leveled up to more upscale interiors and still retaining the brand of customer service they are famous for. Roy’s Bistro was so positively received that branches in Malaybalay and Cagayan de Oro were opened within a few years. A loyal and ever expanding customer base consisting of students, senior citizens, professionals, business owners, and politicians was just as quickly built up.

Franchise Consultant Philippines | Franchise Success Stories | How to Create a Franchise Business | How to Franchise in the Philippines

Roy’s Bistro now Franchise across the Philippines

Today, Roy’s Bistro is truly living up to its motto of “Good Food, Tastes Good.” Better than good, they are committed to spreading the Roy’s Bistro goodness nationwide through franchising! Since 2011, it has been dispersing to key cities in Mindanao using the tried and tested success formula: sumptuous yet affordable food, great ambiance, and exemplary service. With expansion in mind, Roy’s Bistro has been adopting a simple yet reliable operational system fit for franchising growth. Because Roy’s Bistro has always valued people and relationships, they are committed to help franchisees through a solid support system that will ensure their franchise success.

Interested franchisees can email

Proudly developed by Francorp Philippines & its team of Franchise Consultants and Certified Franchise Executives. To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, contact a Francorp franchise consultant or take a free franchisability quiz.

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Go for the Bigger and Better Tasting Fries!

Despite the presence of numerous other French fries brands in the market, there is an X factor in Mr. Potato fries that make people hanker for more of it. This homegrown Cebu French fries outlet, now with 60 stores, has a differentiating feature – Mr. Potato uses only high quality, imported potatoes from Belgium so you get gourmet quality and consistency but at a very low price!

Mr. Potato’s first kiosk outlet opened in July 2013 at La Nueva City Mall, Cebu City, as the newest brainchild of the esteemed M. Lhuillier Group of Companies. Offered in three distinct flavors – BBQ, Cheese, and Sour Cream, premium flavoured French fries are served in four different convenient cup sizes.Fun-to-eat and uniquely tasty, the “bigger and better” Mr. Potatofrieshasquickly captured the taste buds of the Visayan potato fries lovers!

Today,Mr. Potato has expanded to almost 50 kiosks and is well on its way to becoming a byword when it comes to potato fried snacks!Through franchising,Mr. Potato now sets its sights on bringing Cebu’s favourite French fries to Manila, the rest of the Philippines and the world!


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MR. Potato makes use of the affordable food cart format that is easy to locate and helps keep operating costs down. With the sure salability of delicious, premium potato fries, franchisees will have higher margins for profits!

Everyone loves Mr. Potato French fries– yuppies, office workers, kids, students so you will never have a problem looking for customers.

As a Mr. Potato franchisee, you can rest assured that you will be given all the support you need – the right to use the Mr. Potato logo, trademark, and name, a complete Franchise Operations Manual and Training, product knowledge, customer service training, and even national and local marketing support!

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