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The Eyebrowdery is the next beauty franchise for 3D permanent make-up.


It has been said that eyebrows can make or break a look, which is probably why most women nowadays are more particular about eyebrow grooming. From the increased sales of eyebrow pencils and stencils, to the rise in popularity of eyebrow waxing and shaping salons worldwide, eyebrow grooming has become an industry of its own.
Like most kikays, Klarisse Yu Tabao is also particular about her eyebrows. At one point, she and a friend decided to try out a procedure called eyebrow tattooing, much to their disappointment. “Imagine my friend’s horror when she found out that her tattooed eyebrows have turned green,” Tabao recalls, as eyebrow tattoos tend to fade off into green, blue, and reddish tones after a time.

Tabao decided to research about other permanent make-up solutions and learned about 3D permanent make-up, which primarily uses natural plant extracts for color pigments. Also known as make- up embroidery, it is a common beauty procedure in fashion-forward countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong.
But, much to Tabao’s dismay, the procedure is not yet available in the country. So, she decided to take up make-up embroidery classes in Singapore. Armed with a degree on Eyebrow, Eyeliner, and Lips Embroidery from the Aesthetics International Academy, Tabao is taking the technology to the Philippines through her beauty center, The Eyebrowdery.

The Eyebrowdery specializes in eyebrow embroidery, also known as eyebrow hairline stroke. It is different from eyebrow tattooing, which aims to create permanent eyebrows by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin, and eventually fades off and turns green, blue, or reddish in tone through time.
Eyebrow embroidery is a more delicate procedure, which aims to create semi- permanent and natural-looking eyebrows by drawing fine strands onto the skin using vegetable dye pigments. It produces a full and lawless look, and can last from two to five years.


Since The Eyebrowdery opened on March 1, 2015, also Tabao’s birthday, it has gotten quite the following from beauty addicts and celebrities alike, including health and wellness guru Cory Quirino, Andi Eigenmann, and Valerie Concepcion, just to name a few. Aside from eyebrow embroidery, The Eyebrowdery also offers other services such as lipstick and eyeliner embroidery; eyebrow tinting; eyelash extensions; hot wax jobs; and even the regular manicure and pedicure.

In her quest to make The Eyebrowdery the “leading 3D technology permanent make-up specialist in the country,” Tabao knew that the brand had to grow—and fast. “But instead of investing in a second branch, I chose to invest in developing The Eyebrowdery into a franchise with the help of Francorp Philippines,” she shares, as she believed that this move will allow the brand to grow faster.

For those who want to beThe Eyebrowdery’s partners in beauty, the total investment needed is around P2.5 million, already inclusive of the P400, 000 franchise fee. Tabao pegs the return on investment period at around 16 months. “As for the training, I will personally train the franchisee and the staff on the different make-up embroidery procedures,” she adds. Currently, The Eyebrowdery has one store in Greenhills, San Juan.

For franchise inquiries, please contact The Eyebrowdery at (02) 751-7236, or visit the website at



Article by: Toni Antiporda

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Passion for Pets? Join the Booming Pet and Poultry Industry

Food sufficiency is always an issue for a densely inhabited country like the Philippines. The government is perpetually challenged to increase the country’s capacity to feed its 110 million and still burgeoning population. For years, strengthening agribusiness has been one of the logical solutions but has never gotten the right attention that it deserves. Throw in inclement weather and climate change, the agribusiness sector has been hardly hit and so produce has recently reached an all-time low especially with the El Nino phenomenon.


A positive development, however, is that the Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) reported that it will set its sights on livestock and poultry production because these are the sub-sectors least affected by bad weather conditions. In the DA’s fourth quarter report for 2015, they indicated that poultry production went up by 4.17 percent. It shared 14.72 percent in the total agricultural production. Except for duck, all components of the poultry sub- sector posted output increases. Chicken production which expanded by 3.58 per cent boosted the sub-sector’s growth.This bodes well, therefore, for the poultry business, because it means that demand for the products remain solid. Investors in the industry like Mr. Philip Edward dela Cruz believes in the sustainability of the sector.


Coupled with passion for poultry and the fancy pigeon, hard work, and dedication, he set up Kamalig Pets and Poultry Supplies in September 14, 2015. Since then, he built it up to become of the premier feeds, medicines, supplements, and accessories provider to many pigeon hobbyists, general poultry and hog growers, as well as fowl raisers. In fact, Kamalig Pets and Poultry Supplies is the only provider specializing in custom-made feeds.


Kamalig Pets and Poultry Supplies    is a one-stop-shop committed to provide customers with professional services, high quality feeds, medicines, supplements, and accessories. It offers customization options to customers with specific needs. The products are always fresh and available. Its prices are competitive. The staffs are highly knowledgeable on product information, thus assuring customers with A-1 service. With this commitment to give 100% customer satisfaction and its pride in the brand, products, and services, Kamalig Pets and Poultry Supplies is taking the business to the next level by developing long-term business relationships via franchising. They are now looking for franchisee partners who can help promote their core products, their quality service, and their unique business proposition.

Interested franchisees can email or call (02) 815-7350, 815-7767, 815-7956,0917-984-6482



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Emerging trends in franchising

By Sam Christopher Lim
Senior Vice President, Francorp Philippines

The secret to choosing a good franchise is finding businesses that are in sunrise industries. But choosing industries that are addressing long term trends and needs and not just short term fads is challenging even for the most experienced entrepreneurs.

From interviews with Samie Lim, the Father of Philippine Franchising, who correctly predicted the growth of franchising in the Philippines 20 years ago, and discussions with other entrepreneurs both locally and internationally, here are 3 trends that will shape the Philippine franchise market:

1) Increased demand for work-life balance
Keywords related to home – based businesses get over 17,000 searches monthly on Google, and it continues to rise. With more people looking for work-life balance, most have started to look for businesses they can start and run from inside their homes. This trend has already taken markets like Europe by storm where franchise shows have seen an increase in home – based franchises businesses. Companies such as Tutor Doctor from the US and Crest Clean from New Zealand are just some great opportunities that allow entrepreneurs to start a business, while being in the comfort of your own home.

2) The rise of Retirement Resorts
Aging is a fact of life. The stigma of retirement homes as pseudo prisons is now changing with the entry of retirement resorts around the Philippines. Here, parents and grandparents can relax and enjoy socializing with peers while getting the best medical care, should they need it. Retirement resorts such as Life Care from Cebu have been an early player in this segment.

3) Tourism Boom requiring new services and workers
With the Philippine targeting to double tourists to 10M by 2016, and the Philippines having some of the best tourist spots around the world, we can expect more tourism dollars coming into the country. With this, there will be in increased need for tourism infrastructure such as good quality branded hotels that deliver value and reliable service across the country. In addition, tourism schools such as the Canadian Tourism & Hospitality Institute have started to use international standard curriculum to train more and more tourism professionals to prepare for the influx of tourists.

If you’re lucky enough to be in these industries, it may be time to see if your business can tap this trend and grow through franchising. Francorp has been franchise consultants to over 3,000 brands internationally and can help navigate businesses, small and large, through transitioning into a franchise business.

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