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readsmart01Providing kids with life-changing experiences during their toddler, pre-school, and grade school years is the noble mission behind READSMART LEARNING CENTER’s “love of learning” principles and initiatives.

Established in 2012 by Mr. and Mrs. Heribert Guzman, READSMART LEARNING CENTER runs a pre-school program patterned after the curriculum developed by Mrs. Remedios Guzman, Heribert’s mother, who was Manila District Supervisor for 30 years. After this, READSMART LEARNING CENTER developed before-and- after school enrichment programs that go with the tested pre-school curriculum. These now constitute the school’s main offerings.

For toddlers, READSMART has a School Readiness Program, and for children with study habit dificulties, it offers a Smart Program.

For older children, there is an Advanced Academic Setup for Nursery, Kinder I and II as well as Academic Tutoring and Subject Mentoring in English, Math, Science, and Filipino, all for study reinforcement and enhancement.

Being passionate in changing the world through the youth and strongly believing in hard work and commitment, Herbert started the school with the first branch in Chrysanthemum Village, San Pedro, Laguna. The second branch in Tunasan, Muntinlupa City followed closely. Soon to open are schools in BF Homes, Paranaque City, and in Silang, Cavite.

Aggressive in their growth plans, READSMART hopes to one day achieve its vision of inculcating 1 million kids with love for learning. To help them realize this, READSMART is now open for franchising. Interested franchisees who share the Guzmans’ belief that “love for learning” among kids will ultimately make a difference in their future can set up a school for an initial investment of P 900,000 to P 1.5 million, using a minimum 80 – 200 sqm. of space. The franchise fee is P 350,000.00.

For additional details, please email. or call 0915-8309299 or (02) 3309107.



Franchise program is proudly developed by Francorp Philippines and it’s team of international franchise development consultants. Learn How to Franchise your Business in our monthly seminar, or take a franchise test to see if your business is ready to franchise!

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10 franchise brands you didn’t know are from Cebu

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The island province of Cebu is known for many things: sumptuous lechon, sweet ripe mangoes, white sand beaches, ingenious furniture design andfiesta-loving Cebuanos, among other things.


But don’t let their laid-back and fiesta-loving lifestyle fool you – Cebuanos are a hardworking and entrepreneurial lot. It’s no wonder then that the “Queen City of the South” has seen massive economic growth and infrastructure development over the past couple of decades.

Another testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of Cebuanos is the number of franchise brands that have come out of Cebu. Some of these franchise brands have not only achieved nationwide success, they are also setting their sights on the international market.




Before its image models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner ruled the city, Penshoppe already ruled fashion retail in the Philippines. Founded in Cebu in 1986, Penshoppe is the flagship brand of Golden ABC Inc., the apparel manufacturing company owned by Bernie Liu. As one of the early franchise players, Penshoppe expanded to a network of more than 300 stores here and abroad, with presences in Dubai, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and soon in Australia.




Island Souvenirs

Founded in Cebu in 1992, Island Souvenirs took the idea of pasalubong to a whole new level. Its founder Jay Aldeguer wanted to elevate Cebu’s souvenir industry from a cottage industry to a full-fledged retail powerhouse that can compete in the major malls. Today, Island Souvenirs uses franchising to manage a network of more than 80 stores all over the Philippines, and has paved the way for an island-hopping experience called Islands Banca and a chain of budget hotels called Islands Stay.




Bo’s Coffee

Before Starbucks came to the Philippines in 1997, there was already Bo’s Coffee. Founded by Steve Benitez in Cebu in 1996, Bo’s Coffee has since grown into one of the country’s leading specialty coffee shops. It also advocates the promotion of Philippine coffee, and helps local coffee farmers by choosing to strictly source its coffee beans locally. Today, Bo’s Coffee is spreading homegrown coffee goodness through its network of more than 60 stores.




Hukad sa Golden Cowrie

Hukad is the latest restaurant concept by the people behind the Golden Cowrie Restaurant, which first opened in Cebu in 1982 as a hole-in-the-wall made out of bamboo and sawali. True to the Golden Cowrie tradition, Hukad’s menu and ambiance screams Filipino fiesta: huge servings of food, big tables with lots of seating room, and cheerful servers and waiters. It’s always a feast in Hukadsa Golden Cowrie’s more than 40 restaurants all over the Philippines and has recently opened its first franchise in Metro Manila.

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Article by:  Sam Christopher Lim | Sep 8, 2016

Chris is the senior vice president for marketing and strategy of Francorp Philippines; president of U-Franchise Sales & Management; and chairperson and director for special projects, ASEAN integration-Philippine Franchise Association.


Ready to expand your business nationwide through franchising? Francorp has developed professional franchise programs for hundreds of brands to help accelerate their expansion. To know if you’re ready to franchise, take a free franchisability test, visit or call (+63917) 835.55.30 /  (+632) 638.3149 

All photos from official company websites and Facebook pages.

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Handicrafted Ice Cream Sandwich Treats in Every Bite


A tropical country like the Philippines, whose highest recorded El Nino temperature this year rose to 52.3o C in Nueva Ecija, will always have people craving for an invigorating feeling, the kind that frozen delights can give. One of the best purveyors of cold goodies has been a brand from Cebu – Frostbites, whose main products are refreshing ice cream sandwiches. The bestseller, chocolate ice cream sandwiched by two brownie squares, never fails to elicit enthusiastic reviews from their loyal customers.


It all started when on a vacation in Singapore in 2012, Harlow Facturan, president of Frostbites, chanced upon a cart selling ice cream sandwiches along Orchard Road, just near the hotel where he stayed. When he tried it, he was hooked. He liked the taste so much that he had a sandwich twice a day for the duration of their vacation. What’s more, he thought about bringing the concept to Cebu, his hometown.


frostbite ice creamBack in the Philippines, when they uploaded a picture of the ice cream sandwiches online, their friends commented on how they missed the product and how they wished that Cebu can also have the product. After this, Harlow tried tapping companies for that special ice cream, but he was unsuccessful. These companies could not supply the bars. The problem was solved when Harlow made everything at home.


A year and a half after, the Frostbites business was launched in a small bazaar which unexpectedly gained a number of followers. After two months, mall administrators started inviting Harlow to set up Frostbites inside their shopping centers. Within one year, three (3) Frostbites outlets were opened. There are outlets in J. Centre Mall, Parkmall, I.T. Park Bazaar, all in Cebu. In Metro Manila, Frostbites products are available in San Dionisio, Paranaque City.


Today, Harlow makes sure that every customer gets a positively unforgettable experience every time they consume a mouthwatering ice cream sandwich. For one, the sandwiches can be customized. First, the customer chooses from the 10 flavors – cookies and cream and mango cheesecake are the topnotchers. Second, choose the bun – will it be brownies, cookies, cakes, bread, wafers or crackers? Favorites are chocolate chip cookies or wafer, red velvet cake, and tiramisu. Harlow has decided to take the franchising route to expansion thus making more ice cream lovers happier. More franchisees too will be glad with this refreshing franchise.


Franchise inquiries are entertained at 0922-8400980 or

The Frostbites franchise is proudly developed by Francorp Philippines and it’s team of international franchise development consultants. Learn How to Franchise your Business in our monthly seminar, or take a franchise test to see if your business is ready to franchise! 

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Franchise Talk: How Successful Franchisors Think

By Joselito G. Samson, CFE


thinkAs a franchise consultant, I have met and talked to a lot of entrepreneurs who have varying thoughts about franchising and what it can do for their business. And for those whom I have seen succeed because they chose the franchising path, these are their characteristics which made them stand out:


Knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses.

These successful franchisors know and then acknowledge that, indeed, they have strengths and weaknesses. Fully knowing what their core competence is, they are open to delegating tasks in areas where they are weak. Franchising to them is a unique industry that requires specific expertise to plan out and build the right organizational structures. At the outset, these entrepreneurs understand the value of getting things right.


Passion for teaching

Franchise entrepreneurs like to share their successes via teaching or mentoring their Franchisees. This trait is critical to building a long-term and mutually satisfying franchisor-franchisee relationship that is based on trust, exchange of ideas, openness to suggestions and yes, replicating the successful business model. More than the documents that bind franchisor-to-franchisee, a harmonious relationship will ensure a fruitful and profitable partnership, especially because franchisee suggestions/feedbacks, when coursed through the franchising system, are valuable listening posts for customer feedbacks and preference.


man backAbility to see the big picture.

One of the biggest mistaken notions that entrepreneurs have when embarking into franchising is thinking about the business as costing very little effort and money but returning huge paybacks.

On the contrary, franchising requires thorough study, needing, at the very least, a Franchise Business Plan, Franchise Agreement and a Franchise Operations Manual. Setting up a Franchise System is meticulous and will require additional investment. A potential Franchisor must assess his current company structure, cost structures, operations, training capabilities and supply chain to determine if it can handle additional operating units generated from selling franchises.

As for the “huge payback”, this will not be realized on the first, or even, on the second year of the franchise offering. During these times, you are still developing efficiencies as a franchisor, putting in place your franchise support systems and are still learning the ropes of managing the system. What you will get during these stages of development is an increase in the number of branches/stores as well as sales volume generated from newly opened franchised units.


Franchisors should also give careful thought about selecting and awarding franchises. A franchise term is usually from three to eight years, it is crucial that you get the “right franchisee” since they will be your “partner” in growth. Therefore, it is in your best interest to ensure that they too experience profitability and success. Eventually, they will be your best selling proposition.

Franchising is an effective strategy for companies who looking to expand their business. But having the right mindset as a Franchisor will dictate whether you will be a success or a failure in Franchising. An honest assessment of one’s mindset and objective will spell the difference between failure and success.

Learn How to Franchise your Business in our monthly seminar, or take a franchise test to see if your business is ready to franchise! 

For more information on franchising, please contactFrancorp Philippines (+632) 638-3149, email info[at] or visit   

Lito is the Associate Vice President for Consulting of Francorp Philippines ( His training and experience in the field of fast food operations cover 15 years, starting with McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., Burger Machine and Jollibee. He is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) and is a certified Serv Safe Executive.

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Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing Seminar

Date: May 18, 2016, 1 to 530pm, Ascott BGC

Listen to world-class digital marketing experts and practitioners in PFA’s Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing Seminar. With Lianne Dehaye, Regional Manager of Facebook HQ Singapore, Cheech Santos Country Manager of AS Louken, Piccina Alvarez, CEO of Purple Click and Paul Rivera CEO Kalibrr. Free one on one consultations available after the seminar to help you get tailored advise to grow your digital presence.



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