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Francorp Philippines launches Franchise Quality Seal

Since 1997, the Philippines has seen massive growth in the franchise industry. With more than 1,500 franchise brands in the country to choose from today, potential franchise buyers are now spoilt for choice. But, truth be told, they are also likely to fall prey to unregistered, fly-by-night concepts in their quest for the perfect franchise business.


Indeed, with so many franchise businesses to choose from, it can be hard for any potential franchise buyer to distinguish which ones are legitimate and have a properly developed franchise program. In a bid to ensure franchise excellence in the country, and to set the benchmark for quality among its franchise clients, Francorp Philippines is launching the Franchise Quality Seal.



What is the Franchise Quality Seal?


The Franchise Quality Seal is a seal of excellence that will be awarded to professional franchisors that are growing their franchise businesses under the highest standards of quality. It will serve as a testament to the quality of the franchise program and to the franchisor’s credibility, two key considerations that potential franchisees look for in a franchise business—more trust from potential franchisees can only spell further growth for any franchisor.

“It will also give you an edge over your competitors as your brand will now be associated with big brands like Jollibee, Max’s Fried Chicken, Goldilocks, The Generics Pharmacy, and Potato Corner, just to name a few, all of which have been developed by Francorp Philippines into strong franchise businesses,” says Sam Christopher Lim, vice president for marketing and strategy at Francorp Philippines.

Who can be awarded the Franchise Quality Seal?


The Franchise Quality Seal will be awarded to franchisors that have exhibited the highest standards of quality in terms of systems; products and services; franchisee support; financials; and training.

Any franchisor vying for the seal must have its systems updated regularly, and must have consistency in the quality and delivery of its products and services across all its stores. It must also exhibit profitable operations, both for its company-owned and franchised stores, while providing franchisees adequate training on a regular basis.

In terms of franchisee support, any franchisor vying for the seal must provide strong leadership and ensure compliance of operational standards and procedures within its franchise network, all the while building up the brand and promoting the image of the franchise.

Francorp Philippines will certify the franchise program developed, and will also award the Franchise Quality Seal to the franchisor. However, use of the seal will be valid for a limited time only as Francorp would also like to continuously ensure the quality of the franchise program as it faces market changes and changing consumer needs. The seal will be renewed once Francorp re-audits the franchise program as well as the franchisees of the brand.


Continuing a legacy of franchise excellence

Lastly, and more importantly, the Franchise Quality Seal will also be the visible mark that will serve as a testament to Francorp Philippines’ legacy as a developer of notable franchise brands.

After 20 years, and after developing more than 350 successful franchise concepts, Francorp Philippines has decided to launch the Franchise Quality Seal not just to promote franchise excellence in the country, but to also propel local franchise brands onto the global stage. With the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Economic Integration now in full swing, Francorp is proud to say that its homegrown clients can now take on the global franchise players with ease.


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