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Pizza Brands Continue Global Expansion

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Pizza favorites Shakey’s, Yellow Cab and Project Pie target growth in various regions.


(From left) Project Pie, Yellow Cab and Shakey’s (from official Facebook fan pages and websites)

Thanks to the Italian diaspora, Italian cuisine has gained wide acceptance all over the world. While it’s hard to turn down a plate full of pasta, it’s even much harder to turn down a slice of pizza. (Recently, it’s even been found that pizza is a better motivator at work than monetary incentives!)

Indeed, pizza remains one of the pillars of the food service industry’s global foothold. According to market research firm Euromonitor International, pizza chains now represent nearly 5 percent of global consumer food service sales, and account for US$ 124 billion in global spending. Euromonitor adds that Asian markets exhibit great potential for effective segmentation in the pizza market, even citing homegrown pizza brand Greenwich as a growing force to be reckoned with in the Philippines.

From traditional full-service pizza parlors to artisanal gourmet pizza, here are some international favorites out to take the global pizza market by storm.



Shakey's store. Photo from Shakey's

Shakey’s store. Photo from Shakey’s

Shakey’s: Pizza fun for the whole family
Shakey’s is recognized the world over not just for being the first pizza franchise chain from the United States, but also for having the world’s greatest and most-loved thin crust pizza—with a side of chicken and mojos, to boot.

For the past 62 years, Shakey’s has characterized itself as the pizza brand which celebrates fun times with friends and family. Spacious pizza parlors decked with arcades and play areas make Shakey’s appealing to both adults and children. It is this focus on fun times with the family which has enabled Shakey’s to become the market leader in traditional full-service pizza chains and family-style casual dining.

Even after decades of success, Shakey’s is showing no signs of slowing down. Now with 500 stores worldwide, with established presences in the United States, Japan, the Philippines and Mexico, Shakey’s is now setting its sights for further expansion in Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

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Article by: Sam Christopher Lim

Chris is the senior vice president for marketing and strategy of Francorp Philippines; president of U-Franchise Sales & Management; and chairperson and director for special projects, ASEAN integration-Philippine Franchise Association.


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Handicrafted Ice Cream Sandwich Treats in Every Bite


A tropical country like the Philippines, whose highest recorded El Nino temperature this year rose to 52.3o C in Nueva Ecija, will always have people craving for an invigorating feeling, the kind that frozen delights can give. One of the best purveyors of cold goodies has been a brand from Cebu – Frostbites, whose main products are refreshing ice cream sandwiches. The bestseller, chocolate ice cream sandwiched by two brownie squares, never fails to elicit enthusiastic reviews from their loyal customers.


It all started when on a vacation in Singapore in 2012, Harlow Facturan, president of Frostbites, chanced upon a cart selling ice cream sandwiches along Orchard Road, just near the hotel where he stayed. When he tried it, he was hooked. He liked the taste so much that he had a sandwich twice a day for the duration of their vacation. What’s more, he thought about bringing the concept to Cebu, his hometown.


frostbite ice creamBack in the Philippines, when they uploaded a picture of the ice cream sandwiches online, their friends commented on how they missed the product and how they wished that Cebu can also have the product. After this, Harlow tried tapping companies for that special ice cream, but he was unsuccessful. These companies could not supply the bars. The problem was solved when Harlow made everything at home.


A year and a half after, the Frostbites business was launched in a small bazaar which unexpectedly gained a number of followers. After two months, mall administrators started inviting Harlow to set up Frostbites inside their shopping centers. Within one year, three (3) Frostbites outlets were opened. There are outlets in J. Centre Mall, Parkmall, I.T. Park Bazaar, all in Cebu. In Metro Manila, Frostbites products are available in San Dionisio, Paranaque City.


Today, Harlow makes sure that every customer gets a positively unforgettable experience every time they consume a mouthwatering ice cream sandwich. For one, the sandwiches can be customized. First, the customer chooses from the 10 flavors – cookies and cream and mango cheesecake are the topnotchers. Second, choose the bun – will it be brownies, cookies, cakes, bread, wafers or crackers? Favorites are chocolate chip cookies or wafer, red velvet cake, and tiramisu. Harlow has decided to take the franchising route to expansion thus making more ice cream lovers happier. More franchisees too will be glad with this refreshing franchise.


Franchise inquiries are entertained at 0922-8400980 or

The Frostbites franchise is proudly developed by Francorp Philippines and it’s team of international franchise development consultants. Learn How to Franchise your Business in our monthly seminar, or take a franchise test to see if your business is ready to franchise! 

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From 1 Burger Stand in a Lucena Street to over 850 Outlets in Luzon

From 1 Burger Stand in a Lucena Street to over 850 Outlets in Luzon


Someone once said, “The journey of a thousand pounds begins with a single burger.” For a couple in Lucena, a single burger took them to a journey of almost a thousand vans that has reached millions of happy customers to date.

Francis and Edna Dy sold their first burger 31 years ago, from a mobile van along Quezon Avenue corner Rizal Street, in Lucena City. Edna smilingly recalls the long line up of people along the avenue, queuing for a P3.00 burger to satisfy both hunger and “curiosity”.

The hamburger mobile van was just a simple idea that one day crossed Francis’s mind. Never did he know that that day, their success story is about to unfold.

Not a cook himself, Francis admits his big love for food (and eating) was the inspiration in giving birth to LC Big Mak. He took a chance in bringing his brand and concept alive during the era when American comfort food was running its course in the Philippine market.

Edna, a natural business woman and the hands behind Big Mak’s burger patty, recalls supporting the entire crazy yet exciting idea of the Hamburger Mobile Van.

The name LC BIG MAK INC. has a lot of history to it. LC is Lucena City where it all started. Big buns and big patties is the BIG in the brand name. MAK came from the initials of Mr. Dy’s parents, Maxima and Kimsuy.

For the couple, it should not just be about “good burgers”. LC Big Mak Burger is about satisfying Juan’s taste for real American burger but made more delectable with a mix of Pinoy flavors.

The journey isn’t as smooth at it seemed. But perseverance prevailed. LC Big Mak has come a long way since the time they only had one grinder and used margarine caps as pattern for making patties. It took a lot of hard work, patience, strength and faith in God to grow LC BIG MAK INC. to its present strength of more than 850 burger vans and 12 stand-alone branches, all grilling nationwide.

The fast food sector in the Philippine is on a rapid growth spree with demand for fast-and-easy-to-eat food such as burgers and sandwiches also expanding.  With this, the market’s expansion potential is hungry which is why LC Big Mak is steadfast on its move to wider expansion of its brand, products and services.

Thus, after 30 years of dominating South Luzon’s food scene, Francis and Edna, brought in a new breed of LC Big Mak managers – their children, Mark Francis, Dave Francis, Margaret Ley and daughter-in-law, Charmaine. Together , they thought of franchising this year, to bring forth LC Big Mak into the national landscape.

With their children at the helm, a new image for LC Big Mak was introduced that reflected their modern take on the business,  while honoring the values and attitude they learned from their parents.

Partnering with the world class Francorp Philippines, to infuse the needed franchise expertise, the Dy family have big hopes that LC Big Mak will penetrate larger territories, including Metro Manila, and key cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Big burgers, as its core product, make the LC Big Mak franchise business simple, and easy to operate. Aspiring franchisees can easily own a franchise at a very cost-friendly franchise fee of P150,000 only.

For Francis and Edna, LC Big Mak burgers are made famous with this success equation: FAST SERVICE + GREAT TASTE + AFFORDABILTY. It’s not just about good food or service per se. Standards should always be kept in mind and best practices fulfilled at a constant.

With years of proven expertise as a family in the field of business, food, manufacturing, hotel management, manpower, trucking, and trading, the Dys are well on its way to taking off LC Big Mak from that street in Quezon corner Rizal Street in Lucena, not just nationwide fame but even international.

For franchise inquiries call Ms Rachelle Canuto, # 0998-842-2454 or email

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