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Here are Three Homegrown Brands Making it in the International Market

There is no doubt that the time of the Filipinos has come.

Filipinos are global citizens. Put them anywhere and they will excel. Resilience, persistence, good work ethic and the desire to succeed not just for himself but for his loved ones make the Filipino shine wherever he goes. And since we are now in the age of globalization, there is no doubt that the time of the Filipinos has come.

Just look around and we see a growing list of global icons who are Filipinos. There is Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. There are the Filipino Miss Universe victors. And, of course, the growing list of Filipino franchise brands expanding overseas.

Attesting to our global competitiveness, here are true Filipino brands that claim the world as their new stage:

Bo’s Coffee from Cebu

“We are Bo’s Coffee, Your Homegrown Brew.” The tagline itself takes pride in local Filipino coffee being produced by local farmers, which is what Bo’s Coffee is all about. From 1996 to 2016, it established 100 branches nationwide and in 2017, it opened its first branch overseas located in Qatar. Soon, it would not surprise us if Filipino coffee becomes known all over the world.

Oryspa from Laguna

There is nothing more staple to Filipinos than rice, and this is what Oryspa capitalized on. Its 37 stores offer the first and finest rice bran-based spa products that promote overall beauty and wellness. As evidence of its world-class quality, its products are now also sold in Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam and Poland with growing demand.

Waffle Time from Iloilo

From being “Ang Pambansang Waffle ng Pilipinas,” Waffle Time aims to become the “Best Waffles in the World.” Through the years, Waffle Time has received multiple awards from the Entrepreneur Philippines Franchise Awards, DTI, and PFA. With 400 outlets nationwide and more opening soon, it strives to become known in Asia starting with Indonesia as its first location abroad.

These are just a few of the Filipino brands that came from outside Manila but have gone international. A major impetus for its shift from local to global is franchising.

Such is the power of franchising. With franchising, a small business is able to grow from one to many, in various locations and even overseas.

Samie Lim is the Chairman of Francorp Philippines (; Chairman Emeritus of the Philippine Franchise Association and the acknowledged ‘Father of Philippine Franchising.’

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