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Franchise Talk: Meet 4 Successful Women Franchisors

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We celebrate Women’s Month with these strong-willed franchisors and their brands
By Velle Cacha

The modern-day Filipina continues to impress with an ever-growing list of roles—from homemaker, mother, wife, daughter, sister, employee and, these days, of entrepreneur and franchisor.

The business journeys of these young female franchisors are a testament to the empowerment of the new Filipina. Though still grounded with traditional family values, these women have launched exciting businesses that have expanded through the franchising to increase their impact on their workers, communities, and customers.

1. Klarisse Yu Tabao

President – The Eyebrowdery

Like most of her friends, Klarisse is very particular about her eyebrows. When a friend decided to try out a procedure called eyebrow tattooing, she was disappointed when her friend’s tattooed eyebrows eventually turned green. Klarisse then researched about other permanent make-up solutions and learned about 3D semi-permanent make-up, which primarily uses natural plant extracts for color pigments. Make-up embroidery is a common procedure in fashion-forward countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Much to Klarisse’s dismay, the procedure was not available yet in the country. So she decided to study make-up embroidery classes in Singapore and earned degrees from several academies abroad. Klarisse eventually brought the technology and her skills back here to the Philippines through her beauty center, The Eyebrowdery.

The Eyebrowdery specializes in eyebrow embroidery, also known as “Microblading” or hairline strokes. It’s different from tattooing because of its use of natural ingredients and a natural-look effect that can last from two to five years. Since it opened in 2015, it has gotten quite the following and now one of the leading 3D semi-permanent make-up specialists for celebrities in the country. The company also has semi-permanent foundation, blush and contour along with body slimming services such as HIFU Face Lifting, Skin Tightening Treatment Procedure, and RF Fat suction system which is becoming a big business in the local market.

The Eyebrowdery has since opened its doors to franchising to open more centers.

“Every Pinay and Pinoy deserve nothing but the best service, to make them feel better about themselves and to boost that first-class confidence,” Klarisse says.

2. Jonalyn Sison


Owner and Founder – SkinPotions

The beauty industry has always been a competitive field but Jonalyn Sison of Bacoor, Cavite surpassed the challenges and barriers. With her sister, Aileen, she developed effective beauty products that meet every Pinay’s skin care needs.

“From a family without a business background, it was tough,” Jonaly says. “I was the one who set all the standards, learned all the details of beauty industry, and introduced our brand into the market. It was a bittersweet start. But it is very rewarding when people get to know your brand and trust your products.”

Jonalyn’s expansion strategy includes entering the world of franchising. A few months after Skin Potions’s launch to franchising, she was able to open over 10 franchised outlets. She credits the company’s success to mostly millennial customers, who say they love their unique concoctions of organic skin care products and internationally acclaimed cosmetics that come in fancy packaging.

For the next 10 years, Skin Potions projects having 100 to 200 stores here and abroad. The brand was also awarded the NxtGen Award in Franchising in 2017.

3. Kristine Mae Chan

Owner – Mango Magic

The F&B industry in the country is constantly coming up with new and innovative products. From waffles, to shawarmas, to DIY pizzas, to extraordinary milkshakes, the industry continues to offer unique offerings and opportunities for those who never settle for the ordinary. This is the case for Kristine Chan when she and her husband JJ ventured into the mango craze with their very own brand, Mango Magic.

Started in 2012, Mango Magic’s first store opened at Robinsons Place Tacloban. It’s “Best Mango Shake Ever” is made with their specially formulated milk base and 100 percent fresh Philippine mangoes. Things were going well for the brand with steady growth in other provinces, but typhoon Yolanda hit in 2013 and almost wiped out the business.

Kristine says she almost gave up and would have discontinued the business, but she pursued it anyway for her employees, her passion and for the people of Tacloban. They re-opened in 2014, with the goal of not just recovering what they had before, but also building a stronger brand and becoming better entrepreneurs.

Having to operate multiple franchised units of her own, Kristine has become adept in the field of franchising.

“I, too, am a franchisee,” she says. “I know how I should be taken care of, but still given the freedom to manage and make my store succeed,” she says. “A strong and healthy franchisor-franchisee relationship is the key to both successes. And that’s my promise.”

Mango Magic has multiple stores around Eastern Visayas and will be opening its Cebu flagship store this summer 2019. They continue to expand nationwide.

4. Dr. Anna Marie Montesa

President – Montesa Medical Group

With 16 years of expertise in the field of dermatology and aesthetic surgery, the Montesa Medical Group offers the finest face and body aesthetic treatments. Its president, Dr. Anna Marie Montesa, says that it is their sole passion to help people enhance their confidence, and eventually change their lives.

“Hearing our patients’ stories about how their lives have improved because of our help truly affirms our call as to why we’re here,” she says. “Though everyone’s skin type and needs are different, our professional responsibility is to educate, carefully screen, and treat every patient who needs our help.”

The brand is now one of the fastest-growing in the industry, offering Korean advanced research and technology in anti-aging and reconstructive rhinoplasty as well as clinical and cosmetic dermatology. All services, rendered in a homey atmosphere, are aimed to promote confidence, optimism, and better opportunities for people from all backgrounds. Montesa Medical Group is also an affiliate of the prestigious Shimmian Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul, Korea.

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Velle Cacha is the Group Marketing Manager of Francorp Philippines and U-Franchise Sales & Management; She is also a Marketing Consultant for Francorp and formerly worked in the marketing departments of Adobo Connection and Mister Donut

Here are Three Homegrown Brands Making it in the International Market

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There is no doubt that the time of the Filipinos has come.

Filipinos are global citizens. Put them anywhere and they will excel. Resilience, persistence, good work ethic and the desire to succeed not just for himself but for his loved ones make the Filipino shine wherever he goes. And since we are now in the age of globalization, there is no doubt that the time of the Filipinos has come.

Just look around and we see a growing list of global icons who are Filipinos. There is Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. There are the Filipino Miss Universe victors. And, of course, the growing list of Filipino franchise brands expanding overseas.

Attesting to our global competitiveness, here are true Filipino brands that claim the world as their new stage:

Bo’s Coffee from Cebu

“We are Bo’s Coffee, Your Homegrown Brew.” The tagline itself takes pride in local Filipino coffee being produced by local farmers, which is what Bo’s Coffee is all about. From 1996 to 2016, it established 100 branches nationwide and in 2017, it opened its first branch overseas located in Qatar. Soon, it would not surprise us if Filipino coffee becomes known all over the world.

Oryspa from Laguna

There is nothing more staple to Filipinos than rice, and this is what Oryspa capitalized on. Its 37 stores offer the first and finest rice bran-based spa products that promote overall beauty and wellness. As evidence of its world-class quality, its products are now also sold in Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam and Poland with growing demand.

Waffle Time from Iloilo

From being “Ang Pambansang Waffle ng Pilipinas,” Waffle Time aims to become the “Best Waffles in the World.” Through the years, Waffle Time has received multiple awards from the Entrepreneur Philippines Franchise Awards, DTI, and PFA. With 400 outlets nationwide and more opening soon, it strives to become known in Asia starting with Indonesia as its first location abroad.

These are just a few of the Filipino brands that came from outside Manila but have gone international. A major impetus for its shift from local to global is franchising.

Such is the power of franchising. With franchising, a small business is able to grow from one to many, in various locations and even overseas.

Samie Lim is the Chairman of Francorp Philippines (; Chairman Emeritus of the Philippine Franchise Association and the acknowledged ‘Father of Philippine Franchising.’

As seen on Esquire Philippines

FranchiseTalk: Thinking of Franchising Your Business? Answer These 6 Questions to Help You Decide

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Franchising is simple. You just need to clear about what your goals are
By Manuel Siggaoat


Will you add more branches or are you satisfied with the number of units you already have? 

If you are content with the current branches you have or will add only one or two more branches, then no need to consider franchising. You can stop reading this article here. But, if you want to add 10, 20 branches or even more, then CONTINUE on to the next question.


If you do want to keep growing, will you keep putting your own money into additional branches or will you need money from other sources?

If you have enough money to keep funding your new stores, then no need to think of franchising. Just keep funding new branches with your internal capital. You can stop reading.

But, if you are like most small to medium-scale business owners, and you don’t have enough capital to put into all the additional stores you want to build, then CONTINUE on.


If you do want to keep growing, will you keep managing new company owned units directly and adding branch personnel to your payroll, or would you rather delegate this task to highly incentivized owner-managers?  

If you have no problems managing new branches directly and adding staff to your payroll, then no need to think of franchising. You can stop reading.

But, if you are like most business owners, adding more branches becomes a challenge, if not a nightmare to manage directly. If you would rather bring in owner-managers who have more at stake in the branches and will take over daily operations from you, then CONTINUE on.


If you want to continue to grow but don’t have enough capital, how will you raise capital?  

Here are some alternatives plus some quick Pros and Cons:
– Loans 
PRO: You retain full ownership of the business.
CON: Can be expensive and usually requires collateral. You still have to manage additional branches directly.

Outside Investor / Partner 
PRO: No interest expense.
CON: Dilutes your ownership, less autonomy. Very difficult to terminate relationship when it is not working out.

PRO: While using other People’s Capital and Time, you retain ownership of the company.
CON: You need to prepare well but may not have the expertise to do so.

If you decide on other methods like applying for a loan or getting investors, you can stop  reading. But, if you believe franchising is the best way to expand your business, CONTINUE on.


If you’ve chosen franchising as the way to grow your business, should you develop the program, manuals, contracts, etc. on your own (Do-it-yourself DIY franchising) or should you get help from an expert?

Franchising is simple—growing your business through other people’s money, time, and personnel. But the devil is in the details. There are so many considerations to franchise decisions that it is practically impossible for someone to DIY franchise development correctly.

If however, you still prefer to develop your franchise program on your own, you can stop reading.

BUT, if you want to have your franchise program done correctly and not go through a costly trial and error process, you may CONTINUE.


If you agree that getting help from an experienced franchise developer is best, the next question is: which developer do you work with?

In selecting a franchise developer, pick someone who will be able to provide integrated products. A franchise program needs several components: strategy, finance, legal, operations, marketing, sales. These components have to work together and link seamlessly, instead of being unrelated parts of a whole. Pick a developer with strengths in each of these areas and has a track record of success and specialist consultants who will guide you in every component.


Noel Siggaoat is the Managing Director of Francorp Philippines (, the largest franchise consulting group in the Philippines

As seen on Entrepreneur Philippines