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Franchise Talk: 5 Things that Make Franchising More Fun in the Philippines

Posted on: March 30th, 2018 by Francorp No Comments

The Philippines continues to be the franchise hub of Asia


By Sam Christopher Lim, Chief Marketing Officer, Francorp Philippines

With a population of over 101M, a young, English speaking population and a central geographic location that is just a 3 hour plane ride to major ASEAN capitals, the Philippines is now the franchise Hub for Asia. 5 things set the Philippines apart when it comes to franchising:

  • A young population – with a median age of 23 years old, the Philippines has one of the youngest populations in Asia.And with 62% of the population at working age, it is at a demographic ‘sweet spot’ giving brands a large potential base of consumers. And with over 33M of the population under 14 years old, concepts that target kids as well as educational and enrichment franchises have strong potential to tap this market.


  • 24/7 Market– with a growing Business Processing Outsourcing sector, the Philippines has a 24/7 market which has driven the growth of convenience stores, 24-hour food establishments and service sectors that cater to them.


  • 10M international Filipinos – with 10% of the population working internationally, Overseas Filipino Workers remit over US$ 27B back to the Philippines every year. This creates a huge market given a strong segment that is exposed to and seeks out international brands.


  • Well-developed franchise market – with over 1,500 franchise brands (35% foreign, 65% local), a diverse franchise sector (44% food, 27% retail, 26% service, 3% education) and an average of almost 100 outlets per franchisor, the Philippines is one of the most developed franchise markets in Asia.


  • Highest number of Certified Franchise Executives(CFE) in Asia–The CFE is a mark of excellence & professionalism in franchising and with the Philippines investing in constant education, it now has the highest number of CFEs in Asia, giving you a large potential franchise workforce for both your Philippine and Asian expansion. This has led to the rise of many international franchise brands using the Philippines as a regional hub for both franchising and training.

With franchising achieving a 90% success rate, the industry is well supported by an eco-system of services. Banks provide both franchisors and franchisees loans, the government provides training and support for SMEs and an established Philippine Franchise Association that guides members to abide by fair franchising standards. In addition, international franchise consultants, lawyers and franchise matching companies are available to assist foreign brands that plan to enter the Philippines or expand across the region.

With the ASEAN Economic Community in full swing, and a rapidly integrating region, the time to expand into Asia is now, and the Philippines can serve as a perfect hub for regional expansion.



Francorp helps businesses scale up through franchising by helping entrepreneurs create detailed operations manuals, professional business plans, franchise legal agreements and conducting regular How to Franchise Your Business Seminars. For more information contact Francorp Philippines at (02) 638-3149,(+63917) 835.55.30, email, or visit



Chris is the Chief Marketing Officer of Francorp Philippines; president of U-Franchise Sales & Management; and chairperson and director for special projects, ASEAN integration-Philippine Franchise Association

Why Going Pinoy is Always the Better Investment

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Written by

Sam Christopher Lim

President, U-Franchise Sales & Management Inc.


Anybody in the Philippine food market can agree that there is nothing like waking up to the aroma of Filipino-cooked food. Through time, Filipinos have developed a variety of preferences. Hence, the emergence of continental food and Asian fusions.

Through recent years, the market has seen the onslaught of concepts from all over the world, we’ve all been through the cupcake hype, the milk teas, the pizza cones, everything red velvet and the cronut.But isn’t it that we always find ourselves going back to our own scrumptious Filipino food? A Filipino may go and eat foreign cuisine once or twice a week. But a true Pinoy would always want to indulge and be full with his favorite Kare-Kare, Sinigang, Lomi or Tapsilog.

This certain habit then testifies that Filipino food is not a fad. And being a fad is one of the great dangers being avoided by anyone who wants to invest in a food or restaurant business. So if you’re looking for a food business with a high level of consumer acceptance, go for Pinoy food.

Here’s a rundown of purely Filipino-inspired franchises that we can never get enough of:


  1. Lugaw Queen

Lugaw – every Filipino’s comfort food on sickly days or on any day. Lugaw Queen has been a go-to for many because of how it nailed down the perfect lugaw that the Filipino palette yearns for. Not only that, Lugaw Queen introduced a variety of ways for us to enjoy lugaw. Their line up offers Lugaw Seafood, Lugaw Pares, Arroz Palabokand expanded the menu to offering other Filipino favorites.


Total Investment: Php 1.3 Million to 1.5 Million



  1. Chicken Bacolod

Nothing beats the original “chargrilled” marinated chicken from Bacolod or famously known as Chicken Inasal. While big names in this industry focused on growing themselves as fast-food restaurants, Chicken Bacolod stayed true to its core – roasting the “Pinakamasarap” Inasal, as proudly asserted on its banner. For the owners, Chicken Bacolod is always about the passion of bringing out a distinct and delicious inasal experience in every plate.


Total Investment: Php 2 Million to 4 Million



  1. Rufo’s Famous Tapa

What started in 1984 as a famous eatery for serving delicious Filipino breakfast in Kalayaan Ave cor. Salamanca Street – now has over 20 branches all over Metro Manila. Rufo’s Famous Tapa claims that they have “Tapsi at its best”, and sure do they serve the best. The iconic Tapsilog, or Tapa (fried beef strips), Sinangag (garlic rice) and Itlog (egg) is a Filipino all-day breakfast dish that has been followed by many. Rufo’s Famous Tapa does not only serve the best tapa around, it also comes with the rich, sweet, mouth-watering sauce that customers swore to with the statement, “Sauce Pa Lang, Ulam Na!”.


Total Investment: starting at Php 4 Million



  1. Sarap Ala Eh

From the masa, to the masa! There is a distinctive love for Batangas delicacies in the vast variety of Filipino food and Sarap Ala Eh took the opportunity to bring the best to Filipinos through its restaurants. It all started in San Pascual, Batangas – the home of Sarap Ala Eh’s distinct Batangueno taste and exquisite Batangueno humor.


Total Investment: Php 3.5 Million to 4 Million



  1. Federico’s Favorite

No one does laing like Federico’s Favorite does, with their specially-cooked premium laing that is cleaned and sorted by hand. They offer authentic Filipino regional fare at value for money servings and proudly uphold the uniquely Filipino tradition of boodle fight dining. Their menu line-up reflects founder Rosalie Ramos’s roots, who is from the Camarines Sur province, with meals such as Bicol Express, laing and the like.


Total Investment: Php 3.1 Million to 3.9 Million


Some of the most notable Filipino restaurant brands have been industry way before the category was even formalized. The key of their success? It’s the millions of Filipinos and their undying love for Filipino food. And the good news is, the market is still growing locally and even beyond our shores. As an aspiring franchisee, you are spoilt for choice with the best Filipino food franchises in the country today. And one thing is for sure – you can’t go wrong with Filipino food.


Finding the right franchise starts with education. U-Franchise Sales and Management conducts regular “How to Invest in the Right Franchise” seminars. For more information, visit or call (02) 634-0586 or (0917) 881-6999.


Chris is the Chief Marketing Officer of Francorp Philippines; President of U-Franchise Sales & Management; and Chairperson and Director for Special Projects, ASEAN Integration-Philippine Franchise Association

Franchising a business starts with strong, replicable systems

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Written by

Sam Christopher Lim

SVP for Marketing and Strategy, Francorp Philippines

Franchising requires designing strong, proven & replicable systems

Customers get frustrated when you order a hamburger and someone forgets to put the patty or miss key ingredients such as tomatoes or lettuce. As a franchisor, missed royalty payments or stock payments can sometimes pile up and have significant impact on your business. Some of these issues arise not because of malicious intent, but sometimes due to simple human error.

When most entrepreneurs have 1 branch, they solve minor errors through ad hoc solutions. Whether it’s having someone re-type hand written sales reports in an excel file to double check the totals, or hiring extra people to plug in various operational issue. But when you start to expand through franchising, these small errors add up and create inefficiencies that impact everyone’s bottom line. And trying to fix systems when you already have 100 branches is much more difficult than when you only have a handful.

A good system is one which tries to minimize or totally eliminate the possibility of human error. It is not about hiring a legion of auditors or problem solvers to check compliance or fight fires. It’s about creating a system that avoids or prevents mistakes before they happen. A good system does not let you take the next step unless you complete the first step correctly.

We see this everyday as we fill in forms online. Companies mark required cells and does not allow you to submit an application without first entering certain information (usually your name, mobile and email). As an additional safety measure, they also ensure that you enter a proper email address and will automatically prompt if you fill in an invalid email. Lastly, when you’re asked to create a password, they always make you fill it in twice, just to minimize the problem of mistyping your password.

In product design, you can see this in the humble toilet stalls in malls.A mall owner had noticed that a lot of people accidentally left their bag or belongings in the toilet. Typically there is a shelf at the back to put your bags, but this is the worst design since the bag is not in view so can easily be forgotten. Some put a hook in the door so the person always sees the bag and remembers it. But this can also fail when the person turns their back and opens the door, thus missing it. The solution that a designer created was to create toilet stalls that have a table on the side, near the door. Once you fold it down it blocks that door so you can’t open the door without pushing the table up. Hence totally eliminating the possibility of leaving your bag as you can’t leave without pushing the table up.

Supermarkets with self check out counters that are popular in the US and Europe, employ design to ensure customers scan the right items. Every time you scan an item, you put it in a bag that’s on a weighing scale. If the item code does not match the additional weight, then it prompts you or does not allow you to scan the next item. This avoids customers accidentally scanning the same product twice, or scanning a product once but then putting 2 of the same item in the bag.

In franchising, these design principles are used by various brands as they scale to hundreds of stores. To avoid late payment of stock deliveries, some companies only release stocks once payments have been made and a proof of payment is shown. To prevent issues on royalty payments, most retail companies insert the royalty costs as part of the product cost thus avoiding the need to audit sales and royalties. In certain kitchens, kitchen printers are linked to cash registers to minimize errors in preparation, Commissaries deliver products in premixed, pre-measured single serve packs to ensure that every store always deliver the right portions and also to help track sales of each store.

Whatever your industry or whatever size your company is, thinking and investing in strong, replicable systems will help you avoid bigger issues in the future and ensure that your company can scale up quicker, faster and more efficiently.




Francorp helps businesses scale up through franchising by helping entrepreneurs create detailed operations manuals, professional business plans, franchise legal agreements and conducting regular How to Franchise Your Business Seminars.For more information contact Francorp Philippines at (02) 638-3149,(+63917) 835.55.30, email, or visit




Chris Lim is the Senior Vice President for Marketing and Strategy of Francorp Philippines (; President of U-Franchise Sales & Management (; and Chairperson and Director for Special Projects, ASEAN Integration-Philippine Franchise Association.

Rebuilding Marawi through Franchising

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Franchise brands waive as much as Php 700k in franchise feesfor Marawi residents.


What brands can Marawi residents get with No Franchise Fees?

The Philippine Franchise Association launches the Franchise Intervention to Rebuild Marawi (FIRM) with educational seminars & discounted franchise packages



Written by

Sam Christopher Lim

Chief Marketing Officer, Francorp Philippines

Entrepreneurship has always been a strong path to nation building. And with the recent launch of the Franchise Intervention to Rebuild Marawi (FIRM) Program, the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) is showing that franchising can also be a tool for rebuilding a city ravaged by war.

During the launch of the program, Bing Limjoco, Vice Chairman of PFA, shares “I am confident that this city will rise from the ashes and rubbles because of you, the people of Marawi. We believe in your strength, resilience and determination to rebuild Marawi. We also believe that one of the most effective ways to rebuild Marawi is to promote economic activity in the city.”

With the launch of FIRM, residents of Marawi and the families of soldiers killed-in-action, get access to both franchise education opportunities, as well as franchise packages with waived franchise fees. Over 300 attendees joined the initial launch, and an initial batch 18 brands have started to offer waived franchise fees for the project beneficiaries:


Total Capital Investment Under 500k


Farron Café

Living Water

Mister Donut(only for families of soldiers killed in action during the Marawi siege)

Mr. Softy

Sitsirya Sari Sari


Sumo Takoyaki

Sweet Corner


Total Capital Investment from 500k to  1M


Pure Nectar

Johann Coffee


Total Capital Investment Over 1M

Bayad Center

Caffe La Tea

Fresh Salon

Mont Albo


Xcess Salon


For the past 20 years, franchising has helped business owners grow from one to many and has helped create thousands of entrepreneur and millions of jobs.With FIRM, the Philippine Franchise Association continues to show that franchising’s win-win-win partnership extends beyond just profit, but also for the rebuilding of lives and cities.



The Franchise Intervention to Rebuild Marawi (FIRM) is a program by the Philippines Franchise Association ( in response to Go Negosyo’s call to help rebuild Marawi. For more information contact the PFA at (SMART) 0999-8833732 | (SUN) 0932-8792732 | (GLOBE) 0917-8320732 or email at



Chris Lim is Chief Marketing officer of Francorp Philippines (; President of U-Franchise Sales & Management (; and Chair for ASEAN for the Philippine Franchise Association (

Francorp continues to support the growth of Entrepreneurs with new services & partnerships

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After 20 years helping hundreds of entrepreneurs grow through franchising, Francorp continues to innovate and help more Philippine SMEs grow both locally and internationally.  To ensure that every client has access to world-class services in one-roof, Francorp continue to new services and affiliate companies for an entrepreneur’s every need.

U-Franchise Sales & Marketing is a Joint Venture with Astreem Singapore. It specializes in creating strong franchise matches between franchisors and franchisee. Through its systematic and innovative marketing techniques and professional sales consultants, U-Franchise has helped brands such as The Generics Pharmacy & Turks Shawarmagrow locally and helped brands such as Jollibee & Yellow Cab grow internationally.

A.S. Louken Sachi is a top, award winning, global brand consulting firm from Singapore. With over 15 years of experience in branding, AS Louken has been responsible for the brand growth success of brands such as Bread Talk, Charles & Keith and many more.

Zoom Lab Digital brings expertise in entrepreneurship, digital marketing and strategy to ensure that brands are able to maximize their marketing through digital channels. As an affiliate company of Get Hooked 360 (digital Marketing consultant for Unilab, Max’s, Yellow Cab & many more), Zoom Lab Digital gives access to practical, world-class digital marketing services that work.

The Franchise Investment & Holding company supports entrepreneurs who need funding to franchise their business. By providing both financial and business expertise, FIHI is give access to world-class franchise program to more entrepreneurs.

To help entrepreneurs at the early stages of development, CH Mason assists entrepreneurs who are at ideas stage. With expertise in concept development, business model refinement, locations & business start-up, CH Mason is able to transform ideas into reality.

With a strong network of affiliate companies and through partnership with PLDT Enterprise and BPI Ka Negosyo, Francorp continues to ensure that every client has access to world class services, advise, technology & financing to ensure sustained business growth.