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Francorp - The Franchising Leader in the Philippines

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Italian cuisine has gained wide acceptance all over the world. Pizza is one of the pillars of the food service industry’s global foothold. According to market research firm Euromonitor International, pizza chains now represent nearly five percent of global consumer food service/sales, and they account for US$124 billion in global spending.  Euromonitor adds that Asian markets exhibit great potential for effective segmentation in the pizza market, and it cites homegrown pizza brand Greenwich as an example.

Here are pizza brands which are international favorites:


It advertises itself as a slice of New York or “the Big Apple” at your doorstep.   Thanks to Italian immigrants, New York is best known for its pizza.  Yellow Cab seeks to promote the New York-style pizza experience to Filipinos.   Due to its fast pizza delivery service and its iconic yellow Vespa scooters, Yellow Cab has successfully positioned itself as a pizza restaurant which is difficult to beat internationally.   It only uses fresh and premium quality ingredients for its signature pizza and pasta offerings.   Its signature flavors are often imitated, but they are never rivaled in taste.    With over 120 stores in the Philippines, Qatar, UAE & Saudi Arabia, Yellow Cab continues to spread its New York-style pizza experience all over the world.


Shakey’s is internationally recognized as a pizza franchise chain from the United States.   For the past 62 years, it advertises that it is “Pizza fun for the whole family”.   Spacious pizza parlors decked with arcades and play areas make Shakey’s appealing to both adults and children alike. Its focus on “fun times with the family” has enabled Shakey’s to become the market leader in traditional full-service pizza chains and family-style casual dining.   Even after decades of success, Shakey’s is showing no signs of slowing down. Now with 500 stores worldwide, it is continuously expanding in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.


It advertises itself as:  “The freedom to create artisan pizza everyday.”

When serial restaurateur James Markham founded Project Pie in 2011, he wanted to give customers the freedom to create their own pizza taste. Since then, Project Pie has positioned itself as a fast-casual restaurant where customers can custom-build their own pizzas using a wide selection of sauces and toppings.

Incorporating an assembly line counter, the Project Pie crew will assist customers as they assemble their own custom-build pizza creations.  The diverse selection of sauces and toppings can be initially intimidating, but it could be narrowed down to a set of seven classic pizza flavors which you can choose from when you build-your-own pizza concept.

This build-your-own concept has been extended to Project Pie’s selection of salads and pastas.

Today, this United States pizza concept is holding its own in the global pizza market. Project Pie has already established its presence in the United Kingdom & the Philippines, but it wants to expand in the Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian markets.