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The Next Regional Brands To Watch Out For In Franchising

There are plenty of franchising brands outside Manila which are considered household names like Waffle Time, Bo’s Coffee and Island Souvenirs.  These regional brands have the potential to become the next Filipino superstars in franchising.

Ribshack Grill

There’s more to grilled food in Bacolodthan just chicken inasal. Ribshack Grill mastered the art of grilling Bacolodon style with seafood, chicken, beef kebab, pork barbecue and their specialty—spare ribs and back ribs. Started by the husband and wife team of Delman and YaniAlagao in 2012, every grilled item in their menu has been perfected by their team.  People come back to Ribshack Grill because of their succulent dishes and theirgenerous servings.

Ribshack Grill is now looking for franchisees who are interested in joining the next food revolution from Bacolod.


In the perfume landscape, the next household name might be Cagayan de Oro City, and it is the rise of EDP (Eau de Parfum)-based perfume brand, Augustus. Most local perfume brands in the Philippines are either cologne-based or EDT (Eau de Toilette)-based which means their scents don’t last longer than a day because of the lower concentration of oils.

Augustusoffers EDP-based perfumes at an affordable price. Their business isn’t just about making their customers smell good, but they also want their customers to look and feel good about themselves. This year, Augustus is looking for partners who are willing to discover more opportunities in the world of perfumes.


From Davao comes Bioskin, one of the biggest skin care solutions provider and manufacturer in Davao City. They carry three brands: Villa CosmeticoEssenzialle, Home Spa and Spa Plus, which caters to consumers, entrepreneurs, facial centers, spas, beauty salons, medical professionals and direct selling companies.

Founded by Gerardo and Maria Victoria Evangelista, Bioskin was first established as a subsidiary company in 2002. It became an independent entity in 2005, and it gradually expanded into the one-stop shop for all skin care needs as they’re known today. Bioskin is now looking for franchisees who want to provide skin care solutions.

Café de Lipa

The next big name among local coffee shops might come from Batangas. Café de Lipa isnot like any local coffee shop.  Their aim is not only to promote local coffee beans such as kapengbarako, but they also want to revive the practice of customers who personally roast their coffee beans on their own. When customers choose their pick of coffee beans from Café de Lipa, they can also choose how to roast them to bring out the desired flavors. For those who want to get their regular fix of caffeine on the spot, they also offer a variety of drinks which also bring out their coffee beans’ best flavors.

Café de Lipa is now looking for entrepreneurs who want to join a growing franchise brand that not only supports but also uplifts the coffee heritage of the Philippines.