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5 franchise brands which you didn’t know are from Mindanao

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Samie Lim, “the Father of Philippine franchising” believes that Duterte can unlock the franchise potential of Mindanao.  After President Duterte’s state visits to China and Japan, P2.31 billion worth of loans was obtained from Japan to aid in Mindanao’s agricultural development.

Here are franchise brands which started from Mindanao:

Blugré Coffee

Founded in 1998 in Davao, Blugré Coffee has brought the café lifestyle to Davao City.   Its signature drink, the Durian Coffeeccino, combines coffee and Davao’s iconic fruit, the Durian.  It sources all of its coffee beans from the Mountain Province.   True to its slogan of “Bringing Davao to the world,” Blugré Coffee is not only expanding in the country, but also all over the world.

Roy’s Bistro

Roy’s Bistro is a fast-casual restaurant from Valencia City, Bukidnon which specializes in innovative traditional Filipino dishes.  Even though Roy’s Bistro just started franchising more than a year ago, its roots can be traced to a humble turo-turo carinderia owned by the Yabut family.  After six years of operation, this carinderia was upgraded into a restaurant with a modern ambiance and an updated menu with a reimagined array of Filipino dishes.

Taco Boy

Taco Boy is a food cart which sells tacos and other Mexican snacks.

Husband and wife Rolando and Jocelyn Dizon decided to set up the business because tacos were their favorite snack. Taco Boy started out as a food cart for malls and schools, and its first branch opened at the Ateneo de Davao High School canteen in 2005. Since then, Taco Boy has expanded to nine other locations in Davao.  Its bestseller is the fried taco, made from home-made Mexican tortilla stuffed with fresh cabbage, cheese, honey, chili sauce, and ground beef.

Trendline Center

Founded by the Yap family in Iligan City in 1980, Trendline Center is a well-known department store and grocery chain with more than six branches in Mindanao.  Now, it has more than 42 product concessionaires in its 1,000-square-meter store area. It has a portfolio of product concessionaires.  It is now an authorized retailer of brands like Levi’s, Dockers, Penshoppe, Walker, Hanford, and Garfield Children’s Wear, among others.

Its grocery includes fast-moving consumer goods such as milk, juices, noodles, biscuits, canned goods, toiletries, and detergent, among others.  All of these product concessionaires are accessible to all Trendline Center franchisees nationwide.

Chicken Tsunami

This deep-fried chicken store named Chicken Tsunami started out as a family business in Davao City, but it easily became a hit.   Back in 2005, this store started with a capital of P7,500 only, but it was able to recoup its investment in its first month of operation.   For as low as P45, customers can enjoy a sumptuous deep-fried chicken meal served with unlimited rice.  It instantly became a huge hit among budget-conscious customers in Davao City.  Chicken Tsunami started franchising in 2012.  Now, it has more than 22 stores in Davao City and 12 stores in Metro Manila.

Franchise brands which you didn’t know are from Cebu

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Some franchise brands from Cebu have achieved nationwide and international success, and these brands are:


Founded in Cebu in 1986, Penshoppe is the flagship brand of Golden ABC Inc., the apparel manufacturing company owned by Bernie Liu. As one of the early franchise players, Penshoppe expanded to a network of more than 300 stores here and abroad.

Island Souvenirs

In 1992, Island Souvenirs took the idea of pasalubong to a new level. Its founder Jay Aldeguer plans to elevate Cebu’s souvenirs industry to a full-pledged retail powerhouse. Today, it has more than 80 stores nationwide.  Its island-hopping experience is called Islands Banca, while its chain of budget hotels is called Islands Stay.

Bo’s Coffee

Before Starbucks arrived in 1997, Bo’s Coffee already existed. Founded in 1996 by Steve Benitez, Bo’s Coffee has become one of the country’s leading specialty coffee shops. It promotes and helps local coffee farmers by strictly sourcing its coffee beans locally. Today, Bo’s Coffee has a network of more than 60 stores.

Hukad sa Golden Cowrie

Hukad’s restaurant concept was made by Golden Cowrie Restaurant which first opened in Cebu in 1982.  Hukad’s menu and ambiance screams Filipino fiesta: huge servings of food, big tables with many seats, and cheerful servers/waiters. With 40 plus restaurants nationwide, it’s always a feast in Hukad sa Golden Cowrie’s.

La Vie Parisienne

This quaint Cebu bakery wants to give Filipinos a taste of the French capital. In 2013, French entrepreneur Louis Thevenin partnered with Cebuano business magnate Michel Lhuillier of the Lhuillier Group to bring this bakery to life. La Vie Parisienne also boasts of an extensive wine list.

Mr. Potato

Mr. Potato is Michel Lhuillier’s latest business offering. Founded in Cebu City in 2013, Mr. Potato sells gourmet-quality flavored French fries made from imported Belgian potatoes. Served in cups, these premium French fries come in cheese, barbecue, and sour cream flavors. Mr. Potato has more than 60 stores in Visayas.

Dimsum Break

With 16 branches nationwide, Dimsum Break was founded in Cebu in 1996.  Its self-service and interactive restaurant environment allows customers to customize their affordable Chinese meals.  This Chinese teahouse variation caters to late-night customers in bowling alleys and cinemas.

Beauty & Beyond

The brainchild of twins Jennifer and Jasmin Weigel-Sarmiento, Beauty & Beyond was launched in Cebu in 2012 to meet the demand for affordable, high-quality facial beauty and body sculpting services. Since then, it has been awarded multiple times as the best aesthetic center in Cebu.

Tablea Chocolate Cafe

This café offers tablea which are pressed rounds of roasted cacao beans. Founded by Aya Garcia Shlachter in 2010, Tablea offers both traditional and more modern takes on the tablea like hot chocolate, ice-blended chocolate drinks, and tablea-based desserts such as crepes and cakes.

The Next Regional Brands To Watch Out For In Franchising

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There are plenty of franchising brands outside Manila which are considered household names like Waffle Time, Bo’s Coffee and Island Souvenirs.  These regional brands have the potential to become the next Filipino superstars in franchising.

Ribshack Grill

There’s more to grilled food in Bacolodthan just chicken inasal. Ribshack Grill mastered the art of grilling Bacolodon style with seafood, chicken, beef kebab, pork barbecue and their specialty—spare ribs and back ribs. Started by the husband and wife team of Delman and YaniAlagao in 2012, every grilled item in their menu has been perfected by their team.  People come back to Ribshack Grill because of their succulent dishes and theirgenerous servings.

Ribshack Grill is now looking for franchisees who are interested in joining the next food revolution from Bacolod.


In the perfume landscape, the next household name might be Cagayan de Oro City, and it is the rise of EDP (Eau de Parfum)-based perfume brand, Augustus. Most local perfume brands in the Philippines are either cologne-based or EDT (Eau de Toilette)-based which means their scents don’t last longer than a day because of the lower concentration of oils.

Augustusoffers EDP-based perfumes at an affordable price. Their business isn’t just about making their customers smell good, but they also want their customers to look and feel good about themselves. This year, Augustus is looking for partners who are willing to discover more opportunities in the world of perfumes.


From Davao comes Bioskin, one of the biggest skin care solutions provider and manufacturer in Davao City. They carry three brands: Villa CosmeticoEssenzialle, Home Spa and Spa Plus, which caters to consumers, entrepreneurs, facial centers, spas, beauty salons, medical professionals and direct selling companies.

Founded by Gerardo and Maria Victoria Evangelista, Bioskin was first established as a subsidiary company in 2002. It became an independent entity in 2005, and it gradually expanded into the one-stop shop for all skin care needs as they’re known today. Bioskin is now looking for franchisees who want to provide skin care solutions.

Café de Lipa

The next big name among local coffee shops might come from Batangas. Café de Lipa isnot like any local coffee shop.  Their aim is not only to promote local coffee beans such as kapengbarako, but they also want to revive the practice of customers who personally roast their coffee beans on their own. When customers choose their pick of coffee beans from Café de Lipa, they can also choose how to roast them to bring out the desired flavors. For those who want to get their regular fix of caffeine on the spot, they also offer a variety of drinks which also bring out their coffee beans’ best flavors.

Café de Lipa is now looking for entrepreneurs who want to join a growing franchise brand that not only supports but also uplifts the coffee heritage of the Philippines.


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In our modern era, “play” mostly comes from the computer and Internet gaming. It has become so prevalent in Asia, especially in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, that the region now boasts of a thriving e-sports community.Within this context, ROG Internet Café was born.
ROG, which stands for Republic Of Gamers, started in 2007 as Key-Gen, an Internet shop which housed eight computer units. Within two years, Key-Gen was able to house twenty-four computer units. However, the founders of Key-Gen decided to part ways.

In May 2009, one of the co-founders of Key-Gen decided to give Internet shops another shot. Thus, ROG Internet Café was born.  It started with forty-six computer units. Within two years, ROG Internet Café was able to expand.  It moved its location on the ground floor of an office building.  Now, it houses sixty-five computer units.  In four years, its computer units increased to one hundred six.

Seven years and three branches later, the founder of ROG Internet Café decided to venture into franchising.  It opened two more branches in Onyx, Manila and Bicutan, Taguig.

ROG Internet Café’s continued success can be attributed to its ability to seize opportunities, especially in the growing e-sports community. Through continuous support in the e-sports community, ROG Internet Café aims to overturn the negative perception towards computer and Internet gaming.  It yearns for a time when e-sports and traditional sports will be seen as equals.


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HOTDOG ON STICKS (HOS) is a local corporation engaged in providing quality hotdog products. It primary objective is to provide healthy and ready-to-eat snacks. The HOS store was first introduced in 1984 at Rustan’s Supermarket Section in Harrizon Plaza Shopping Mall, Manila. Later on, the second outlet was introduced in SM North.  In 1998, HOS established provincial branches in Nueva Ecija, Baguio and Pampanga including Southern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Currently, HOTDOG ON STICKS has grown to almost 100 branches. Its marketing events include memorial parks during All Saints Day, the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival, major concerts and/or outdoor fairs.

In 2006, HOS was the first to introduce premium brands such as Johnsonville, Nathan’s, Vienna Beef and Evergood to Filipino consumers.

Other Brands of HOS

Big City

Imported hotdogs and sausages paved the way for the creation of Big City. It is an upscale quick-service restaurant version of HOS. Its signature open kitchen allows customers to watch while their burgers and sausages are grilled in front of them. Big City offers a wider menu with exciting dishes like Chicken Wings and Sizzling Platters.

Sausage & Eggs

With the growing demand for all day breakfast food, Sausage & Eggs was realized. Our goal is to search for the best regional longganisas like Vigan, Cabanatuan, Lucban, Baguio and anywhere else,and include it the menu.  For a complete meal, the imported sausages and other breakfast classics like bacon, tapa and tocino are additional options.