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Vampire Penguin

From the snowy confines of the Arctic comes the Vampire Penguin, the only one of its kind with its exceptional shaved snow. The lone penguin in the North Pole is known to serve a uniqueshaved ice experience, which is delicious enough all by itself without the use of milk or ice cream to sweeten the taste. Those looking for a dairy-free alternative for frozen desserts will find Vampire Penguin’s shaved snow a delectable treat that’s just as good or even better than its dairy-based counterparts.

What makes Vampire Penguin’s shaved snow stand out is how the ice gently melts in your tongue. But the shaved snowdoesn’t melt as easily while it’s served on the plate, and comes across as soft and fluffy yet  dense at the same time when it’s eaten. Since it’s not dairy-based, they also have fewer calories compared to other shaved ice desserts.

Vampire Penguin came to life from siblings Paolo and Anjo San Luis. The brothers were born in the Philippines then migrated to America in their early teens. Unlike other frozen dessert products, they formulated their own product line with Vampire Penguin, resulting to higher margins and lower product costs. The first store was opened in Sacramento, California in Oct. 31, 2013. In just five years, Vampire Penguin has opened several branches in the US and they’ve already started expanding in the Philippines.

Vampire Penguin is excited to share its shaved snow goodness with interested partners. For inquiries, contact