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Francorp - The Franchising Leader in the Philippines

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Pulse Creative History

Pulse Creative was established by its founder, Matthew G. Lagandaon, on Aug. 21, 2007.

His passion for cars began in his childhood. As a child, his father regularly took him to “tambayans” of fellow car enthusiasts in the old Greenhills parking lot during Fridays and Saturdays. Their enthusiasm and dedication for their cars eventually inspired him to start his first business in the auto industry.

With only Php 5,500.00 as initial capital, Matthew started the business during his second year in college as a student of BS Nursing in Philippine Women’s University. Initially, Pulse Creative only sold car alarms, but later branched out to other car accessories as well. They started getting their name out there by promoting their products through forums dedicated for car enthusiasts during the pre-Facebook era.

A year later, after Matthew’s own dismal experiences of poor customer service from various auto shops, Pulse Creative started offering home service and detailing for customers who didn’t want the hassle of taking their vehicle out of their garage.  In particular, Pulse Creative wanted to move away from the supposed industry norm of auto shops having bad customer service as the usual. They wanted their customers to feel the difference in their client-centered services instead, withPulse Creative as the first automotive car service provider to offer home service.

The demand for their home service grew, especially in the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy in 2009 as most vehicles were damaged and people needed convenient and reliable services to restore their cars to their former glory. In 2010, after having made a name for themselves through word of mouth, Pulse Creative launched their website.  A year later, they established the PCI headquarters in 2011, a 24/7 operational car hub. That same year, Matthew also established the MRL Carneeds Corporation. They started offering subcontractor services as well in 2012 for various automotive establishments and fleet services.  They were featured in TV for the first time in 2013 as they gained more positive feedback from their customers. In 2016, they opened their second branch in C5.

Today, Pulse Creative offers different car care services as well as various yet affordable car products. They created their own line of fast moving yet innovative products such as the no-holes parking sensor, two dash cam and more. They also developed over twenty car care services such as the waterless engine detailing, seven step exterior detailing, steam interior deodorizer, German paint protection system and many others.

Driven by innovation, Pulse Creative aims to incorporate the traditional values of Filipino hospitality in each and every customer interaction they have and become the auto service provider known not just for their superior car care, but also in their outstanding customer service. With Pulse Creative, customers aren’t just customers; they’re also partners in progress.