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The Revival of M-GAS, LPG Franchising

Posted on: October 27th, 2017 by Francorp No Comments

M-GAS, a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) brand, was initially owned and operated by the Philippine Government from 1915 until 1975.  Carlito and Cesar P. Monastrial, the co-founders and owners of Island Air Products Corporation (IAPC), acquired the rights of M-GAS.  Now, M-GAS has been launched by its parent company, IAPC.

IAPC is considered a major player in the industry with 50+ years in the business. It also has 14 refilling plants, 6 warehouses, over 90 sales centers, and support from over 1,000 employees.   It will be taking advantage of its vast experience in the LPG business in the distribution of M-GAS.

IAPC decided to activate M-GASdue to the huge demand for LPG, including its gasoline alternative for automobiles.  IAPC reactivated M-GAS because it seeks to eliminate low-quality LPG counterfeits which uses M-GAS as their unofficial name.

Now, M-GAS not only directly sells to its customers but it also offers franchising.M-GAS’s franchise includes proper branding and packaging, pipeline installation, bulk deliveries, calibration, and fabrication. Partners can also easily setup their businesses, and they can immediately start selling.

The goal of M-GAS is to become the most affordable LPG available in the market and to make it available to Filipino homes not only in Metro Manila but also in the entire country.

Vampire Penguin

Posted on: October 20th, 2017 by Francorp No Comments

From the snowy confines of the Arctic comes the Vampire Penguin, the only one of its kind with its exceptional shaved snow. The lone penguin in the North Pole is known to serve a uniqueshaved ice experience, which is delicious enough all by itself without the use of milk or ice cream to sweeten the taste. Those looking for a dairy-free alternative for frozen desserts will find Vampire Penguin’s shaved snow a delectable treat that’s just as good or even better than its dairy-based counterparts.

What makes Vampire Penguin’s shaved snow stand out is how the ice gently melts in your tongue. But the shaved snowdoesn’t melt as easily while it’s served on the plate, and comes across as soft and fluffy yet  dense at the same time when it’s eaten. Since it’s not dairy-based, they also have fewer calories compared to other shaved ice desserts.

Vampire Penguin came to life from siblings Paolo and Anjo San Luis. The brothers were born in the Philippines then migrated to America in their early teens. Unlike other frozen dessert products, they formulated their own product line with Vampire Penguin, resulting to higher margins and lower product costs. The first store was opened in Sacramento, California in Oct. 31, 2013. In just five years, Vampire Penguin has opened several branches in the US and they’ve already started expanding in the Philippines.

Vampire Penguin is excited to share its shaved snow goodness with interested partners. For inquiries, contact

Pulse Creative History

Posted on: October 13th, 2017 by Francorp No Comments

Pulse Creative was established by its founder, Matthew G. Lagandaon, on Aug. 21, 2007.

His passion for cars began in his childhood. As a child, his father regularly took him to “tambayans” of fellow car enthusiasts in the old Greenhills parking lot during Fridays and Saturdays. Their enthusiasm and dedication for their cars eventually inspired him to start his first business in the auto industry.

With only Php 5,500.00 as initial capital, Matthew started the business during his second year in college as a student of BS Nursing in Philippine Women’s University. Initially, Pulse Creative only sold car alarms, but later branched out to other car accessories as well. They started getting their name out there by promoting their products through forums dedicated for car enthusiasts during the pre-Facebook era.

A year later, after Matthew’s own dismal experiences of poor customer service from various auto shops, Pulse Creative started offering home service and detailing for customers who didn’t want the hassle of taking their vehicle out of their garage.  In particular, Pulse Creative wanted to move away from the supposed industry norm of auto shops having bad customer service as the usual. They wanted their customers to feel the difference in their client-centered services instead, withPulse Creative as the first automotive car service provider to offer home service.

The demand for their home service grew, especially in the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy in 2009 as most vehicles were damaged and people needed convenient and reliable services to restore their cars to their former glory. In 2010, after having made a name for themselves through word of mouth, Pulse Creative launched their website.  A year later, they established the PCI headquarters in 2011, a 24/7 operational car hub. That same year, Matthew also established the MRL Carneeds Corporation. They started offering subcontractor services as well in 2012 for various automotive establishments and fleet services.  They were featured in TV for the first time in 2013 as they gained more positive feedback from their customers. In 2016, they opened their second branch in C5.

Today, Pulse Creative offers different car care services as well as various yet affordable car products. They created their own line of fast moving yet innovative products such as the no-holes parking sensor, two dash cam and more. They also developed over twenty car care services such as the waterless engine detailing, seven step exterior detailing, steam interior deodorizer, German paint protection system and many others.

Driven by innovation, Pulse Creative aims to incorporate the traditional values of Filipino hospitality in each and every customer interaction they have and become the auto service provider known not just for their superior car care, but also in their outstanding customer service. With Pulse Creative, customers aren’t just customers; they’re also partners in progress.

4 ways to market your franchise to millennials

Posted on: October 6th, 2017 by Francorp No Comments

by Sam Christopher Lim

SVP for Marketing and Strategy, Francorp Philippines

For the past five years, marketers are targeting Millennials.  This generation, born between 1982 and 2004 (age: 15 to 34), is the focus of marketers.  In the Philippines, more than one third or more than 32.2 million are Millennials.  Millennials chose franchising to jumpstart their career because they cannot find the right job after graduation or the job market does not favor them.

As of October 2016, the country’s unemployment rate is still at 4.7 percent. Of the total unemployed, 77.7 percent are Millennials. Franchising still remains a viable alternative to employment or starting a business from scratch.

Before, owning and running a franchise was reserved for retirees and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).  Now, Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) reveals a shift.  Over the past five years, the attendees of PFA’s Franchise Asia were mostly 16 to 25 years of age who use Facebook as their major source of franchising information.

Tips on how to market your franchise to the Millennials are shown below:

1. Go social, but still stay present in multiple channels.

According to market insights firm Nielsen, Millennials are the top smartphone users.  Develop digital marketing and social media campaigns which directly targets smartphone users.  Mobile and social media are not the only channels of marketing.  Provide a seamless experience to customers regardless of the channel or device.

Through the company’s physical store or website or social media accounts, customers should be able to engage the company through mobile, catalogues and/or brochures.  In-store advertising serves as backdrops for photos and #OOTDs (outfit of the day), while some memes are shared through social media if they are funny or catchy enough.

2. Invest in youthful and graphics-driven materials.

Create content which is easy to consume and visually appealing.  Eye-catching graphics with minimal text will draw Millennials.  Infographics may also catch their attention because they contain useful information and/or trivia about the franchise.

You can inject a touch of travel or you can also tap prevailing cultural messages like #hugot provided they’re related to your franchise.   Engage young bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers) who will create compelling content and market your franchise.

3. Highlight other benefits of owning a franchise.

The franchise should be packaged not only as a financial investment but one which benefits the social good.   The franchise becomes more appealing if it advocates a good cause like the environment or it supports sectoral livelihood.

Package the franchise as a learning investment. Franchising will train franchisees in management, sales, and marketing.   Franchising is hands-on Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), and so, it pays for itself.

4. Inject hard data into your marketing.

Thanks to the Internet, Millennials can easily find the numbers to back up any claim.   Don’t just say: “the franchise has quick returns on investment.” Use a simple and visually-appealing computation.  Don’t just say:  “It is the number one franchise in the Philippines.”  Explain its basis like annual gross sales or number of nationwide outlets/franchisees.