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Local Kiosks Seeking Global Franchise

One of the most reliable indicators of a successful franchise is its number of franchisees here and abroad.  Potato Corner already established its presence in six countries, while Bibinkinitanstarted its expansion at Dubai. Farron Café’s first international stint will be Indonesia, while Master Siomai is also expanding beyond the Philippines.

How did these brands succeed?

Joe Magsaysay, founder of Potato Corner, explained in an Inquirer interview:   “We had to change the rules or be innovative. We changed the way French fries are cooked, the way they are handled and the way they are served.  If we did not re-invent some rules on how to manage French fries, Potato Corner wouldn’t have been a success and the current brand and product DNA wouldn’t have been born.”

Whyare these local brands going global?

(1) They think their brand is strong enough to compete in the foreign market.  (2) They not only have sufficient capital, but they also think that they can fulfill a niche which is absent in that market.  (3) They found suitable partners which can help in the growth of their brand. Somebody invited them to invest in their market, and they happily obliged.   Luckily, they met their contacts from international trade shows, and they’re willing to partner with their brands.

The difficulties in going abroad include: legal complexities, finding the right partner who must be reliable, and avoiding corrupt government officials.   Once you hurdle these important issues, you can easily go global.