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Educate Your Way to Riches

By Hsien Naidu, Astreem Consulting

The education industry has always been one of the most robust, resilient to recession and almost always have a loyal customer base. With the middle to higher income families spending an average of USD 1.5 – 4.5 million ¹ annually on education in 2015, is it not time for aspiring entrepreneurs to get a slice of this pie?

Start by determining policies such as in pricing, discounts, make-up sessions, lesson scheduling.  Find out who the market is and strategize on how to reach them. Create marketing collaterals such as brochures, flyers, sign boards, and a Facebook page. Finally, create a curriculum on what you want to teach and methods to be used.

New education businesses can take more than 2 years before stability and traction are reached because of the massive amount of work that needs to be done.Or, one can take the easiest route and franchise from one of these internationally successful brands:

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M.)

Founded in 2010, this brand is now in 16 countries, with over a hundred centres worldwide. Growing rapidly, this franchise already has 15 centres within 2 years of entering the Philippines mainly because of the growing interest in Singapore Math.

The S.A.M. approach, known for its highly creative and structured methods, utilizes meticulously-authored “step-up” daily worksheets that allow children to approach the subject with incremental steps of difficulty, gradually acquiring the skills to solve full problem sums. The worksheets are structured in such a way that they are always motivating for the child – helping develop self – discipline, self – confidence, and perseverance while learning mathematics. The S.A.M. approach closely adheres to Singapore’s mathematics curriculum in preparatory and primary schools.

Unique English Classroom

A highly sought- after English program in Singapore, the Unique English Classroom is a synergistic think-out-of-the-box, highly-interactive, and fun series to accelerate the teaching of English, encompassing 21st century learning competencies. The Unique English Classroom™ has found a niche in more than 150 Singaporean primary and secondary schools since it was first introduced in 1996. This programme is also supported by Ministry of Social and Family (Singapore).

The Unique English Classroom is not your run-of-a-mill English reading and writing program, but rather, a program that focuses on children’s comprehension and logical reasoning, designed to boost children’s confidence with every lesson. Each lesson is fun filled and exciting, with stories and games, drama, and storytelling.

StagMatch Education and Training Group)

With robotics in mind,StagMatch Education and Training Group, an international franchise to be launched in January, will set up centres in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and the Philippines. Founded in 2001, they have quickly been recognised by different ministries in Singapore and featured in multiple mainstream media, and won the “Best in Enrichment Experience 2014/2015” by the Parents World magazine. Their robotics programs includes drone flying, hologram creation, 3D printing, coding, engineering and designing robots for combat competition, each geared towards immersing and preparing their students for tomorrow.