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readsmart01Providing kids with life-changing experiences during their toddler, pre-school, and grade school years is the noble mission behind READSMART LEARNING CENTER’s “love of learning” principles and initiatives.

Established in 2012 by Mr. and Mrs. Heribert Guzman, READSMART LEARNING CENTER runs a pre-school program patterned after the curriculum developed by Mrs. Remedios Guzman, Heribert’s mother, who was Manila District Supervisor for 30 years. After this, READSMART LEARNING CENTER developed before-and- after school enrichment programs that go with the tested pre-school curriculum. These now constitute the school’s main offerings.

For toddlers, READSMART has a School Readiness Program, and for children with study habit dificulties, it offers a Smart Program.

For older children, there is an Advanced Academic Setup for Nursery, Kinder I and II as well as Academic Tutoring and Subject Mentoring in English, Math, Science, and Filipino, all for study reinforcement and enhancement.

Being passionate in changing the world through the youth and strongly believing in hard work and commitment, Herbert started the school with the first branch in Chrysanthemum Village, San Pedro, Laguna. The second branch in Tunasan, Muntinlupa City followed closely. Soon to open are schools in BF Homes, Paranaque City, and in Silang, Cavite.

Aggressive in their growth plans, READSMART hopes to one day achieve its vision of inculcating 1 million kids with love for learning. To help them realize this, READSMART is now open for franchising. Interested franchisees who share the Guzmans’ belief that “love for learning” among kids will ultimately make a difference in their future can set up a school for an initial investment of P 900,000 to P 1.5 million, using a minimum 80 – 200 sqm. of space. The franchise fee is P 350,000.00.

For additional details, please email. or call 0915-8309299 or (02) 3309107.



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