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Passion for Pets? Join the Booming Pet and Poultry Industry

Food sufficiency is always an issue for a densely inhabited country like the Philippines. The government is perpetually challenged to increase the country’s capacity to feed its 110 million and still burgeoning population. For years, strengthening agribusiness has been one of the logical solutions but has never gotten the right attention that it deserves. Throw in inclement weather and climate change, the agribusiness sector has been hardly hit and so produce has recently reached an all-time low especially with the El Nino phenomenon.


A positive development, however, is that the Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) reported that it will set its sights on livestock and poultry production because these are the sub-sectors least affected by bad weather conditions. In the DA’s fourth quarter report for 2015, they indicated that poultry production went up by 4.17 percent. It shared 14.72 percent in the total agricultural production. Except for duck, all components of the poultry sub- sector posted output increases. Chicken production which expanded by 3.58 per cent boosted the sub-sector’s growth.This bodes well, therefore, for the poultry business, because it means that demand for the products remain solid. Investors in the industry like Mr. Philip Edward dela Cruz believes in the sustainability of the sector.


Coupled with passion for poultry and the fancy pigeon, hard work, and dedication, he set up Kamalig Pets and Poultry Supplies in September 14, 2015. Since then, he built it up to become of the premier feeds, medicines, supplements, and accessories provider to many pigeon hobbyists, general poultry and hog growers, as well as fowl raisers. In fact, Kamalig Pets and Poultry Supplies is the only provider specializing in custom-made feeds.


Kamalig Pets and Poultry Supplies    is a one-stop-shop committed to provide customers with professional services, high quality feeds, medicines, supplements, and accessories. It offers customization options to customers with specific needs. The products are always fresh and available. Its prices are competitive. The staffs are highly knowledgeable on product information, thus assuring customers with A-1 service. With this commitment to give 100% customer satisfaction and its pride in the brand, products, and services, Kamalig Pets and Poultry Supplies is taking the business to the next level by developing long-term business relationships via franchising. They are now looking for franchisee partners who can help promote their core products, their quality service, and their unique business proposition.

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