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Handicrafted Ice Cream Sandwich Treats in Every Bite


A tropical country like the Philippines, whose highest recorded El Nino temperature this year rose to 52.3o C in Nueva Ecija, will always have people craving for an invigorating feeling, the kind that frozen delights can give. One of the best purveyors of cold goodies has been a brand from Cebu – Frostbites, whose main products are refreshing ice cream sandwiches. The bestseller, chocolate ice cream sandwiched by two brownie squares, never fails to elicit enthusiastic reviews from their loyal customers.


It all started when on a vacation in Singapore in 2012, Harlow Facturan, president of Frostbites, chanced upon a cart selling ice cream sandwiches along Orchard Road, just near the hotel where he stayed. When he tried it, he was hooked. He liked the taste so much that he had a sandwich twice a day for the duration of their vacation. What’s more, he thought about bringing the concept to Cebu, his hometown.


frostbite ice creamBack in the Philippines, when they uploaded a picture of the ice cream sandwiches online, their friends commented on how they missed the product and how they wished that Cebu can also have the product. After this, Harlow tried tapping companies for that special ice cream, but he was unsuccessful. These companies could not supply the bars. The problem was solved when Harlow made everything at home.


A year and a half after, the Frostbites business was launched in a small bazaar which unexpectedly gained a number of followers. After two months, mall administrators started inviting Harlow to set up Frostbites inside their shopping centers. Within one year, three (3) Frostbites outlets were opened. There are outlets in J. Centre Mall, Parkmall, I.T. Park Bazaar, all in Cebu. In Metro Manila, Frostbites products are available in San Dionisio, Paranaque City.


Today, Harlow makes sure that every customer gets a positively unforgettable experience every time they consume a mouthwatering ice cream sandwich. For one, the sandwiches can be customized. First, the customer chooses from the 10 flavors – cookies and cream and mango cheesecake are the topnotchers. Second, choose the bun – will it be brownies, cookies, cakes, bread, wafers or crackers? Favorites are chocolate chip cookies or wafer, red velvet cake, and tiramisu. Harlow has decided to take the franchising route to expansion thus making more ice cream lovers happier. More franchisees too will be glad with this refreshing franchise.


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