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Go for the Bigger and Better Tasting Fries!

Despite the presence of numerous other French fries brands in the market, there is an X factor in Mr. Potato fries that make people hanker for more of it. This homegrown Cebu French fries outlet, now with 60 stores, has a differentiating feature – Mr. Potato uses only high quality, imported potatoes from Belgium so you get gourmet quality and consistency but at a very low price!

Mr. Potato’s first kiosk outlet opened in July 2013 at La Nueva City Mall, Cebu City, as the newest brainchild of the esteemed M. Lhuillier Group of Companies. Offered in three distinct flavors – BBQ, Cheese, and Sour Cream, premium flavoured French fries are served in four different convenient cup sizes.Fun-to-eat and uniquely tasty, the “bigger and better” Mr. Potatofrieshasquickly captured the taste buds of the Visayan potato fries lovers!

Today,Mr. Potato has expanded to almost 50 kiosks and is well on its way to becoming a byword when it comes to potato fried snacks!Through franchising,Mr. Potato now sets its sights on bringing Cebu’s favourite French fries to Manila, the rest of the Philippines and the world!


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MR. Potato makes use of the affordable food cart format that is easy to locate and helps keep operating costs down. With the sure salability of delicious, premium potato fries, franchisees will have higher margins for profits!

Everyone loves Mr. Potato French fries– yuppies, office workers, kids, students so you will never have a problem looking for customers.

As a Mr. Potato franchisee, you can rest assured that you will be given all the support you need – the right to use the Mr. Potato logo, trademark, and name, a complete Franchise Operations Manual and Training, product knowledge, customer service training, and even national and local marketing support!

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