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LIFE DURING THE GOLDEN YEARS | Francorp Philippines Franchise Consultant

With the elderly population in Western countries growing coupled with Filipino children departing for work abroad leaving their elders alone at home, the senior care industry has burgeoned all over the world and has become popular and accepted even among conservative families in the Philippines.

Life Care, based in Cebu, is the newest addition to the retirement and senior care industry in the Philippines which espouses independent living and assisted living in wholesome environments. It virtually duplicates a home setting where everything is sufficiently provided for so that the elderly experiences an easier, safer, and more enjoyable life. With professionally trained , compassionate, and caring staff, Life Care assures every resident’s well being 24 /7.

Alma Alonso Goodwin, CEO and Director, runs Life Care Residences Philippines. An administrative and human resources expert with 15 years of medical entrepreneurship experience gleaned from clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals in Florida, USA, Ms. Goodwin assures that any family’s loved ones who live in Life Care residences will enjoy the highest standard and quality care. Residents receive medical attention, recreation, board and lodging, transportation, utilities, help in daily activities, socials, nursing care, and special needs assistance.

Life Care is committed to treat each resident with dignity and respect; offer cost-effective care that is personalized; promote the individuality of each resident; allow each resident freedom of lifestyle; protect each resident’s privacy; involve family and friends in care implementation; and finally, nurture the spirit of each resident.

With a community asset like Life Care, franchising this kind of service to the whole Philippines is the next step.  Those who share such advocacy are welcome to be Life Care’s franchisees.

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