Francorp - The Franchising Leader in the Philippines
Francorp - The Franchising Leader in the Philippines

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The Fab Franchise Packed in Healthy Goodness!

Bored with all the usual burgers, pizza, and rice dishes? Craving for something filling that does not leave you sluggish afterwards; something tasty, but not overloaded with sugar, MSG, or unnatural flavor enhancers? Want something that would fit your diet and healthy lifestyle? Great food can be healthy – at Faburrito.

Eating guilt-free is a guarantee at Faburrito because food is made up of wholesome ingredients that taste delicious and are all natural. None other offers Mexican food like Faburrito does. Their burritos, tacos, salads, salsas, and many others are served fresh and packed with goodness. One can never find a microwave or a can opener at any Faburrito store since recipes are concocted with the freshest ingredients there are.  Organic fruits and vegetables are delivered daily. Salsas come from whole tomatoes that are manually sliced. Beef is imported USDA certified steak. Smoothies contain juices from real fruit, with NO SUGAR added.

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Behind this absolutely fab idea is Mr. Earl Chua who is a health buff by heart. Faburrito was born out of his search for a more satisfying meal, served fresh, healthy, and delicious. He says “You are what you eat, and at Faburrito, it’s a priority to make our customers feel the goodness of eating the “fab” way. It’s about making you feel better about eating.”

Being fab means having awesome food options. Faburrito is all about great tasting food. Its goal is to construct a menu that is as healthy as possible, freshly prepared, without compromising on quality and taste. Being fab also means quality customer experience. Its goal isn’t just to provide good service. Its goal is to provide GREAT service. Much time, resources, and training are devoted to equipping the staff with skills to make sure that customers receive the fastest, most efficient, and friendly service possible.

Lastly, being fab means instilling the company’s values on employees and clients. As a company with a heart, it operates a business model that not just gives jobs, but offers an experience, an opportunity, and to upholding a community dedicated to teamwork, hard work, respect, growth, and fun. Going beyond the food served or the dining place, Faburrito channels a part of the proceeds of each meal to charity, hence, making people feel better.

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