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Chicken trimmed of fat, marinated for 24 hours, and cooked with state of the art combi-oven technologies that lock in the goodness of the taste while cooking? What if its flame grilled, brushed with some special spices and sauces that gently caramelize the meat, producing that smoky flavor, mouth watering aroma, and served flaming hot? What if its Portuguese style chicken meeting  African Peri Peri sauces , uniquely dished up for Filipino taste buds? Conjure those relishing images no more because they are now reality. The Quality Restaurant Group Limited from New Zealand, with over 24 years of full-service restaurant experience, brings to the Philippines their latest brand created for the Asian market – Eduardo’s Peri Peri!

Eduardo’s Peri Peri is a fast-service restaurant that comes like its full service, serving delish food packed with unique flavors, yet do not cost too much as to hurt one’s pocket. From the brainchild of owner Ed Viterbo, a Filipino based in New Zealand who has built a growing full service restaurant group in Auckland City, Eduardo’s Peri Peri was brought to the Philippines to allow Filipinos to savor a mouth-watering Portuguese-style flame grilled chicken. His company’s partner is one of the country’s largest agricultural conglomerates, the Calata Group, whose products include high quality chicken meat.

The secret of the recipe lies in the Peri Peri sauces which the company developed through their own boutique factory in Auckland, where sauces are manufactured with stringent standards and consistency is maintained in every batch. “Peri-Peri” is pepper-pepper” in Africa, but it refers to a very small chili pepper species popular in Portugal for its bold flavour. At Eduardo’s Peri Peri, the menu is quite extensive. Aside from its signature chicken, also offers burgers, pita sandwich, kumara, shoe string fries, and yogurt smoothies. The company even partnered with the leading yoghurt manufacturer in New Zealand, Easy Yo, as a source of its own range of fresh yoghurt, frozen yoghurt, smoothies, and yoghurt shakes.

The interior of the restaurant gives a South American feel. While a fast casual restaurant with service that is quick, friendly, and efficient, it elicits a full service restaurant experience. The wooden furnishings combined with earthy walls and trimmings gives a warm and cozy feeling. The layout of the restaurant gives customers a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Its tables are set up in such a way that cutleries, condiments, and sauces are easily accessible. Its exterior has a minimalist and clean look to emphasize quality, modernity, and cozy ambiance. Its message is clear: eat good food, chat, enjoy, and share your experience—this is what Eduardo’s Peri Peri is all about.

Backed by its philosophy to establish a trusted world class brand, Eduardo’s Peri-Peri is now opening its doors to franchising.

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