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Yoga + Express Offers More Yoga for Less

Regardless of gender, age, weight, and level of flexibility, yoga as a fitness activity is for anyone. This is being espoused by the founders of Yoga + Express – 5 friends who aim to promote yoga as people’s first step in the journey to achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit. Under the guidance of certified instructors who will focus on students’ individual needs, Yoga + participants can discover more about themselves and push past their limitations.

There are now 4 branches of Yoga + Express offering 4 kinds of yoga – Hot, Flow, Warrior, and Yin. Hot Hour is perfect for beginners and focuses on lower body strength, balance and flexibility. The style enhances detoxification through sweating. FLOW movements are accompanied by breathing – one movement is one breath. WARRIOR is a Vinyasa Flow class designed to help beginners gain a deeper understanding of the postures, how to set-up and align the body, what modifications to take if there is any physical limitations. YIN is a contemplative, meditative practice designed to increase flexibility and openness in the body by working on the tendons, ligaments, cartilage and fascia. It is the perfect complement to sports, gym and even other yoga styles that are physically-demanding.

Dina Salonga, managing director, says “Yoga+ was conceived and created out of our longing to share not only this love of yoga with others but also the many benefits that the practice has brought to our lives as well. Our vision is to make yoga available to EVERY body. EVERYBODY. We envision a world where everyone has a chance to practice yoga in its various styles.” “The instructors, all certified, have taken it upon themselves to share in the mission to make each of their students happy, healthy, and forever young, through yoga. The teachers focus on individual needs. Ultimately, the end in view is to help students discover that yoga practice is not just about doing the yoga postures properly but also about applying the lessons learned in the yoga room to the real world.”  April of 2015, Yoga + Express started offering “Change from Within”, a mindfulness-based program for developing emotional intelligence. It helps improve relationships, manage emotions, increase self-awareness, improve careers, and contribute to overall feeling of happiness and contentment. This is essentially taking yoga off the mat! To get more people to join these life enhancing exercises, Yoga + Express is opening its doors to franchising. Inquiries are entertained at or at 847-0697 and 238-2768.

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