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For the Love of Numbers with ALOHA!

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For many children and even some adults, the study of numbersconjures up images of boring lectures, frustrating assignments, and difficult equations, feelings of great anxiety and panic. But one companyhas managed to change that perception – ALOHA International.

ALOHA, which stands for Abacus Learning Of Higher Arithmetic, was founded by Mr. LohMun Sung in 1993. He developed the concept based on the abacus computational methods from China and Taiwan, and then designed it into a comprehensive curriculum for the purpose of introducing it to the children of Malaysia with the primary objective to “provide a quality, skill-based Mental Arithmetic program incorporating the most advanced and innovative trends in education to offer a valuable service to the community by contributing to the development of children-the future citizens-while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.” These served as the main principles which have guided the company through its two decades of unprecedented, phenomenal growth. Starting from the first mental arithmetic class in Ipoh, Malaysia in April 1993, ALOHA has grown to over 4,000 centers across 28 countries all over the world, with an estimated enrollment of over 2 million children globally.

From the numbers alone, it is clear that ALOHA has managed to develop a way to make learning math as something both effortless and fun, through their proven and tested method of Mental Arithmetic.  According to ALOHA, Mental Arithmetic is “a form of training which will enhance a child’s ability to do calculation without the aid of any instruments such as a calculator”.A child will be able to calculate very quickly and correctly using mental power, no matter how high the numbers. The abacus is first used as the key element in teaching mental arithmetic, to teach children basic concepts of mind math and improve both sides of the brain. Children start to do math operations with the abacus and gradually visualize the abacus in their brain doing math operations mentally. With practice and achieving different levels in the program, the child is able to perform math operations with speed and accuracy – without the abacus, or calculator, or pencil and paper. Such process stimulates memory, imagination, concentration, and abstraction.Children trained in the ALOHA method have demonstrated positive results in their other academic subjects, making an ALOHA kid well-rounded and academically strong.

In response to the demand, Aloha International embarked on a systematic development program designed to bring ALOHA to the world via franchising. Nineteen years after its initial launch in the Philippines, ALOHA International has built up a stronger and more focused brand aimed at bringing the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic advantage to every kid in the Philippines! The business model is proven and the name has a good reputation.

Add fun in your life, subtract a frown, multiply your knowledge, and divide and share the love of math with an ALOHA Mental Arithmetic franchise.

For franchise inquiries, please call Ronnie Vergel, Franchise Manager, at 755-8460.

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