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Wear Your Chefs and Bakers Hats

Becoming your own “chef” and “baker” is now easy when you enter a Chefs & Bakers one-stop shop.

Whether you’re a professional or aspiring chef or baker, all your baking and cooking needs can be found in a Chefs & Bakers store, the Bacolod-homegrown wholesale and retail shop that carries local and imported baking products and services, all under one roof.

Belonging to a family of food lovers, bakers, and wholesalers, Chefs & Bakers owner, Jenno Galinato, grew up in a fun and exciting environment. His mom, a proud chocolate lover, used to travel all over in search for something sweet to bring home to her family back in Bacolod. Siblings Mac, Hillary, and Jenno developed an interest in food.

It was Jenno who built a special connection with food retail and sweets, which triggered the idea of him putting up a one-stop-shop on everything about baking. Is sister Hillary says “it is our mission to make you fall for baking and we are here to catch you anytime!”

In 2012, his attempt to make baking accessible to every Filipino was finally realized when Chefs & Bakers first opened to the public. Through Chefs & Bakers, the city of love was introduced to the art of complete, passionate, and dedicated baking experiences – spurring a community of baking enthusiasts.

Three years after its inception, Chefs & Bakers is now leading the way in the baking industry. From baking tools and ingredients, cake decorating essentials, chocolates, fruits and nuts,  to workshops on baking and cake decorating, sugar crafting and cooking, recipe development, business development seminars, design and e-marketing, production of  cookie cutters, toppers and flowers, bakery ingredients, downloadable creative materials –  name it – Chefs & Bakers has delighted everyone involved in baking and cooking. It is only at Chefs & Bakers where all high quality baking needs are offered with value for money. It has over 13,000 products, 150 local and foreign suppliers, a long list of credible partners, and a wide network.Franchise Consultant Philippines | Franchise Success Stories | How to Create a Franchise Business | How to Franchise in the Philippines

Its passion is to put excitement and emotion into baking, whether as a means of livelihood or a hobby. With the help of their partners and customers, Chefs  & Bakers works to make the art and science of baking as delicious and enticing an experience as the wonderful creations that they produce out of it.  To maintain this, there is a constant effort to bring the best and the latest products and baking techniques to customers at competitive prices. Products are top of the line and its customer service is impeccable. Since innovation is consistent, it is no wonder that this new player in the market can definitely bring out the best in chefs and bakers.

More and more enthusiasts can bring out their best spatulas, mixers, ovens, and recipes as Chefs & Bakers gets ready to franchise. “Investing in the Chefs & Bakers brand is investing in the sweet Filipino dream,” declares Dad Blandino Galinato.  Interested franchise partners are invited to spread the good baking experience so that more  aficionados can wear their chef’s and baker’s hats proudly.

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