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A roof over one’s head, being a basic human need, is a universal aspiration. If unmet, man will do everything his resources will allow to fill this need and move on to the other higher hopes and desires for self-actualization. The diaspora of Filipinos who go abroad to seek better pay was triggered by unmet basic needs – food on the family’s table, education for the children, and yes, a decent place to live in.  Traditionally, constructing a house in this country is a luxury only the rich can afford. Mass housing slowly became within reach by mainstream employees thanks to access to government shelter financing.    To the greater masses, housing is still very elusive because of the steep price they have to pay.

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Holcim Hub Now Franchising Across the Philippines

For the past couple of decades, however, as the disposable incomes of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) increased due to their dollar paychecks, housing has become more and more accessible to them.  Add to this new market the young, high salaried Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) employees. These newly empowered workers are now the big buyers of single detached houses, lots, and high rise residences. With a bigger market, housing suppliers also levelled up to meet the democratization of housing head on. One big industry name – Holcim – rode the wave of this favourable development and established the HuBB Builders Center.

HuBB Builders Center was founded on a dream that every Filipino can have a “choice” on how his own home is designed and built, or how communities are grown and cities are developed. At HuBB Builders Center, the clear choice is quality vis-à-vis value for money. HuBB Builders Center has uniquely positioned itself as a one-stop shop for top of the line building, construction, and home do-it-yourself (DIY) supplies. It is also the source of expert advice in construction management and home repairs.

As a trailblazer, HuBB Builders Center continues to innovate on its retail format by launching a unique franchise that is set to unleash people’s building power through franchising throughout the Philippines. Backed up by the solid Holcim Group, a globally established and recognized brand that has grown to become a byword for quality or expertise in home improvement and building materials, HuBB Builders Center assures customers of their one-stop shop concept that caters not only to DIY enthusiasts, but also to real estate contractors, architects, as well as community-based hardware suppliers and contractors.

The Philippine economy and population are poised to boom further. Along with this, according to CBRE Philippines, the global research and consultancy firm, the real estate market will follow in the next several years. Greater demand, notwithstanding, HuBB Builders Center is equipped to supply these and put all franchisees in the forefront of real estate growth.  HuBB Builders Centerfranchisees get the best deals and one-of-a-kind incentives such as brand credibility, access to a network of suppliers and partners, bulk pricing on building materials, and recognition as a direct affiliate of Holcim Ltd. Partners in the business are those willing to devote their time and energy, drive and determination, to the franchise. Holcim has a special offer to owners and dealers of current hardware outlets and construction supplies. They have the option to have their store converted to a HuBB Builders Center instead of having to establish a new store at a different location!

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