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Francorp - The Franchising Leader in the Philippines

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By  Ma. Alegria S. Limjoco

CEO, Francorp

The franchise industry is poised for another exciting year as more and more retail, food, and service concepts begin their expansion.

Through the years, Francorp was witness to the birth and success of its clients’ brands that chose the franchising route to growth.  Some of them have already reached IPO status.

This year, the market will enjoy the offerings of these new breed of franchisors. We are proud of how the franchising industry continues to flourish with the rise and triumph of world class Pinoy brands. We would like to see these fresh brands make a name for themselves abroad in due time.



FaBurrito offers an array of Mexican dishes such as burritos, tacos, salsas, all healthy fare with no greasy aftertaste. They guarantee only the finest freshest ingredients prepared daily with no MSG and no artificial sugar. The iced tea is unique. The service is above reproach. Christian music fills the venue. Truly,  good food enjoyed in the right atmosphere.

Chefs and Bakers

Your baking needs and more can be supplied by a Chefs and Bakers outlet.  This is a wholesale / retail specialty store carrying local and imported baking products for professionals and baking enthusiasts alike.

Roy’s Bistro

Based in Cagayan de Oro City, it offers budget meals from breakfast to dinner. They live up to their motto of “Good Food, Tastes Good” because of the rave reviews they have been receiving so far.

Caffe La Tea

A  Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, brand known for its quality coffees and teas, signature dishes, and desserts. This business was founded by 4 friends in their desire to create a lively place for family and friends to gather and chitchat over delicious food and beverages.

Caffé La Tea also offers complimentary Wi-Fi connection, allowing customers to make the most out of high-speed internet, for leisure, study or work. These thoughtful details make Caffé La Tea a homey retreat, a place where people find “Zen and Happiness in One Cup!”


LC Big Mak

Established in 1984 – years before foreign fast food giants made it to the shores of the country. L.C. Big Mak started to provide their community in Lucena City, Quezon province, with a taste of the American hamburger – albeit suited to Pinoy taste buds. With 12 branches nationwide, the brand is growing stronger.  The couple behind the brand is Francis and Edna Dy who are now opening up for franchising to bring their LC (Lucena City) Big Mak burgers to different parts of the Philippines.

Mr. Potato

The premium fries of Mr. Potato quickly captured the tastebuds of the Cebuanos and those from neighboring provinces as well as from Cagayan de Oro City, Dumaguete City ,  Hilongos in Leyte, and from Bohol. It is now becoming a household name because of its quality fries. Launched on June 21, 2014, MR. POTATO is bent on bringing Cebu’s flavored-fries to the entire archipelago and the world. Its quality potato fries are imported from Belgium. MR. POTATO also takes pride in being an affiliate of M. Lhullier Group of Companies, one of the reputable companies in the country today that continues to provide quality products and unparalleled services to the Filipinos. Through franchising, MR. POTATO is bent on bringing Cebu’s flavored-fries to the entire archipelago and the world!

Sans Rival

True to its name, the cakes and pastries of Sans Rival of Dumaguete City really have no rival when it comes to quality and taste. Starting out in the lot of the Sagarbarria home, the store is now a local icon, with tourists and locals frequenting the area for nice ”pasalubong” items.  Their to-die-for sans rival cake and silvanas pastries are now complemented by other mouth watering menu offerings.


This restaurant has been an Antipolo food destination for the longest time! If you are looking for a homey feeling when having lunch or dinner with your family, Eduardo’s is the place to be! Capiz windows give the warm ambiance.  Steaks and grilled specialties beckon the foodie.



A kiosk of Sitsirya offers the best and quality pasalubong treats for loved ones, guests, and are also perfect for gift giving.  They carry the best products from various provinces which use their store as a distribution outlet thus their slogan – Food specialties of the islands to the world. Desserts, chicharon, coco sugar, native delicacies, bottled specialties from different parts of the Philippines are in every Sitsirya outlet for everyone to enjoy at reasonable prices.




HuBB Builders Center

This is the first modern community hardware store in the country which sells topnotch building materials, including cements and specialty products at the best price. Backed up the Holcim name, a symbol of quality, it is operated by a subsidiary – the HuBB Stores and Services Inc. With 21 outlets, at present, franchisees are now invited to own a HuBB Builders Center in their locality.


Not just any quality stationery or paper product is in a Paperstone.  The different artful designs are one of a kind making customers come back for more. Whether for scribbling school notes, work notes, drawing art, writing for fun, and most of all gift giving, Papersone products deliver. Enjoy the ancillary products like writing implements, scrapbooking materials, mugs, bags, greeting cards, knick knacks, gift boxes, and desk equipment.


The Good Barber

Opened in 2012, The Good Barber brings back good old traditional barber shop experience that is characterized by warm, cozy, retro music filled atmosphere. Its services offerings do not hurt the pocket.  To add to its wonderful haircut, massage, and pampering services, there are promo discounts every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for facials and other hair treatment services.


Mathemagis is an after school Maths enrichment  program for kids 4 to 12 years old based on the internationally acclaimed and proven mathematics curriculum of Singapore. The program focuses on developing problem-solving skills thorough conceptual understanding of math principles, visualization using bar models and a well articulated sequence of topics for preschool up to the primary grades. It is one of the schools aggressive in franchising.

Beauty and Beyond

Known for its facials and non-invasive slimming services, Beauty and Beyond is another homegrown Cebu brand ready to flex its wings via franchising. Its products for head to toe beauty are reasonably within the reach of ordinary men and women who want a new lease on their beauty regimen.

Beauty and Beyond Skin Clinic has highly trained staff to cater to all skin and body care needs. It caters to everyone who would like to enhance their natural beauty and look Beyond Beautiful.

360⁰ Fitness Club

360⁰ Fitness Club focus ison exercises that simulate natural movements and work out muscle groups; exercises that prepare the body for daily movements that will lead to strength, leanness, and functional fitness. The core program is compact so that members can complete the circuit in just 30 minutes. Preferring the non-traditional, 360⁰ Fitness Clubconstantly reinvents exercises to help members develop healthy lifestyles.  It is now in key cities of the country. With franchising, it wants to reach Asian markets.

Yoga Plus Express

The founders of Yoga Plus aim to promote yoga as a fitness activity for anyone regardless of gender, age, weight and level of flexibility. Yoga+ is to be their first step on their journey to achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit. Under the guidance of certified instructors who will focus on students’ individual needs, participants can discover more about themselves and push past their limitations. There are now 4 branches of Yoga Plus Express.

Explorations Pre-School

Explorations Pre-School is a progressive preschool that employs the Bank Street or Developmental-Interaction Approachespoused by the Bank Street College of Education in New York City. It utilizes quality educational materials and hands-on experiences that support and develop the child’s unique interests and multiple intelligences. Such a system considers the child’s development level. For optimal learning, children are made to actively interact with people and materials in their environment and reflect upon these. There is an interaction between thinking and feeling – giving attention to teaching skills and knowledge and attitude. On top of ensuring a child’s holistic development and an abiding respect for each child’s unique qualities, the school has harnessed parents in becoming their partners who recognize commitment to excellence.

Paras Alter Station

Paras Alter Station has been the service provider for repair and alteration of all types of garments and apparel  for 7 years already. Its branches are strategically located within malls all over Metro Manila.  As it plans to put up more outlets in the Visayas and Mindanao, it is opening its doors to franchising. Their fast expansion is largely due to clamor from clients who have experienced the best service from their competent staff who give their best quality workmanship, and therefore, value for money for the customer.


Lifecare is a new addition to the retirement and senior care industry in the Philippines that is based right in the heart of Cebu. Lifecare espouses independent living and assisted living for the elderly. It duplicates a home setting where everything is sufficiently provided for. The ultimate goal is to help the elderly live life easier, safer, and more enjoyable. With professionally trained staff, Lifecare is after every resident’s well being 24 hours a day.

Most of these businesses are proudly run by women. Women entrepreneurship being my advocacy, the Franchising Regional Enterprises by Women (FREE) Project of the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) continues. These free seminars for women entrepreneurs have gone the rounds of different regions. We have been to Tagaytay, Davao, Cebu, Manila, Cagayan de Oro and we have slated 6 seminars every year. Many have partnered with us regarding this such as the Bank of the Philippine Islands, the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Department of Science and Technology. The International Labor Organization (ILO) has recognized its importance in women empowerment.