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The Next Kings (and Queens) of Kiosks

By Sam Christopher Lim
Senior Vice President, Francorp Philippines

There was a time in the not-too-distant past that the concept of a kiosk or food-cart was not considered to be big business. But when brands like Potato Corner, Fruit Magic, Candy Corner, and Andok’s began to gain in popularity, strength, and number, it soon became apparent that it was as valid a way to achieve business success as investing in a full-line store or restaurant. Now, a new wave is on the horizon and up-and-coming brands are aiming to take their place as the new kings of kiosks and carts!

The Lollicake Factory – Question: What looks like a cute lollipop but tastes like a moist and scrumptious cake? Answer: A lollicake from THE LOLLICAKE FACTORY! Actress LJ Moreno Alapag started this previously home-based business back in November 2010 after first tasting a cake lollipop in Long Beach, California while preparing for her wedding. When she returned to the Philippines and got a craving for a cake pop, she was dismayed to discover that no local bakeshops sold the novelty treat. As a skilled cake decorator and pastry chef herself, she decided to make her own, all the while applying her own special and unique style and taste. Word-of-mouth soon spread, and LJ’s “lollicakes” became popular enough that she was able to open her own storefront last September, 2011. Last year, THE LOLLICAKE FACTORY has opened itself to franchising, the better to help spread the love for exciting, fun, and great tasting lollicakes throughout the country!

Inihauz Your Roast Specialist – It is said that the strength of a brand is measured in the loyalty of its customers. If that’s the case, then INIHAUZ YOUR ROAST SPECIALIST is a strong brand indeed. First established in March 2003 as D’Champ (Lechon Manok atbp) by Mr. Conrado Posadas, it grew over a period of ten years into six successful branches around Marikina City. During this time, Mr. Conrado’s son Arthur was an active participant in the business. When Conrado turned over the reigns of the business to his son in 2013, Arthur decided to take the business to the next level. With the help of his wife Lirio and his friends William and Sherielyn Riego, one branch of D’Champ was renovated with a new look, new concepts, but with the same great taste that made D’Champ so popular. Thus the first INIHAUZ YOUR ROAST SPECIALIST was opened, and it stood as a testament to the quality of their product that despite the change in name, they not only retained their previous patrons, but gained whole new ones with their expanded range of product offerings. Soon enough, the inquiries for franchising came in, and after consulting with experts, INIHAUZ YOUR ROAST SPECIALIST is proud to announce that it is now open for franchise!

With their entrepreneurial spirit, unique concepts & ideas and world-class advise from franchise consultants such as Francorp, these home-grown brands are continuing to grown and become the next Kings & Queens of Kiosks.

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